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Shire of Katanning announces Community Grants Program – Australia

Shire of Katanning announces Community Grants Program – Australia

Deadline: 3-Nov-20

The Shire of Katanning seeks Applications for the Community Grants Program (CGP).

Seed Grants
The Shire of Katanning is committed to recognizing the value of all community organizations and has developed a clear and powerful vision of “Together they are building Katanning’s future”. Each year the Shire of Katanning allocates an amount of funds within the budget to provide financial support to community organizations that meet the objectives of the Community Grants Program (CGP).


The Community Grants Program objectives are to support projects that promote community capacity, improve social participation and inclusion as well as enhance community harmony and social cohesion. The Shire of Katanning CGP provides for grants assist community groups and Not for Profit organizations with their vital work and programmes to:

promote community capacity, community harmony and social cohesion;
encourage people and organizations to help themselves;
ensure fair distribution of activities and services throughout Katanning; and
Encourage resident participation in activities which benefit the community.
Funding Information

There are three CGP categories that are available to community organizations:

Minor community grant under $5,000 (ex GST)
Major community grant over $5,000 (ex GST)
Triennium community grant (Minor and Major available)
Eligible Project Costs Can Include

printing of posters/flyers;
advertising and promotion;
purchase of equipment required for the ongoing operations of the club, e.g. shade tent, tables, chairs etc;
Assistance towards workshops/projects that benefit the Katanning community;
Costs associated for public events or functions in Katanning.
Non-Funded Items

assistance towards Councils rates or standard user agreements;
assistance towards financial operating costs of the applicant e.g. rent, staff wages, utility costs,
insurance, stationery etc;
conference attendance;
projects that have already commenced;
projects not based in Katanning;
political activities;
projects that duplicate an existing or similar project/service within the community;
an item benefiting an individual; or
any item that may cause offence to others or cause the Shire’s name to be in disrepute.
Who can apply?

Eligible groups and organizations must be:

an incorporated Not for Profit organization; or sub committees of organizations are eligible to apply, subject to providing a letter of support from the main organization body; or
An unincorporated Not for Profit organization, applying through the auspice of a Not for Profit incorporated body or a Local Government authority.
Who Cannot Apply?

an unincorporated organization without an auspice arrangement;
an individual;
a commercial for-profit organization; or
Government Agencies (including Education, Health, Transport etc); or
Organizations that currently have an application with the Quick Response Grants Program for a project that is ongoing; or
Organizations that have not provided an acquittal from a previous Community Grants Program; and/or
Quick Response Grants Program application are ineligible to apply until the required documentation has been submitted.
Selection Criteria

Each application will be assessed against the following criteria:

Does the project meet a broader community need?
Does the project benefit a sufficiently broad, or diverse, target group?
Does the organisation have the capacity to undertake and manage the project?
Does the application represent value for money?
Collaborative community wide projects are encouraged.
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