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SEED Green Recovery Forum to achieve Sustainable Development Goals

SEED Green Recovery Forum to achieve Sustainable Development Goals

Deadline: 31-Jan-22

The Green Recovery Enterprise Clinic is part of the Green Recovery Forum: Leveraging the contributions of MSMEs to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, an effort to bring MSMEs potential and contribution to Green Recovery to light by connecting a growing regional network of MSMEs, and intermediaries with policymakers and other key stakeholders.

Utilising a co-creation approach with different ecosystem players, the Green Recover Forum consists of 2 lead-up events (Green Recovery Clinic and Green Recovery Intermediary Lab) and 1 public event, Green Recovery Multi-Stakeholder Forum.

Green Recovery Enterprise Clinic, targeted MSMEs, will explore and emphasize the contributions that MSMEs could have play in green and equitable recovery, assess existing challenges hindering them from the path of SDGs and needs for COVID-19 resilience. Through a virtual participatory workshop guided by assessment, MSMEs will come together to comprehensively assess topic areas relevant for their social and green MSME: business, finance, ecosystem support, social and environmental factors. The MSMEs business challenge assessment results, which shows enterprise needs for support and priority areas, will be compiled and presented to intermediaries and policy makers to effect change in policies which support MSMEs.

The aim of the Green Recovery Multi-Stakeholder Forum is to conduct and facilitate dialogues that could influence Green Recovery related policy decisions. Based on the Enterprise Clinic and the Intermediary Lab insights and recommended actions, the Multi-Stakeholder Forum engages a wider circle of ecosystem stakeholders which includes public/government agencies, development partners, international organisations, donors, corporate foundations and civil society organization (woman and minority right based organization) who will be represented to ensure meaningful participation and social inclusive.

Key Benefits for Participants
Peer-to-peer exchange with other MSMEs in South and South East Asia(Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and India)
Comprehensive assessment of MSMEs individual and collective support needs and priority areas
Network with MSMEs, MSMEs intermediaries, and policy makers in upscaling the green recovery ecosystem
MSMEs in South and South East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and India)
Enterprise Target Group
MSMEs that are led by and/or work with disadvantaged person, and people in vulnerable groups such as the poor, youth, non-normative genders andsexualities (NNGS), women, ethnic minorities, person with disabilities, migrants and indigenous people are highly encouraged to apply.
MSMEs which promotes decent jobs, gender equality, sustainable community, as well as climate action
For more information, visit https://seed.uno/articles/events/green-recovery-forum

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