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Second Call for Strategic Project of Active Citizens Fund (Bulgaria)

Second Call for Strategic Project of Active Citizens Fund (Bulgaria)

Deadline: 5-Jan-21

The second competition for strategic projects is organized within the Active Citizens Fund (Active Citizens Fund) Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area space (EEA) 2014-2021.

Seed Grants
The general objectives of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 are contributing to the reduction of economic and social disparities in Europe’s economic space and strengthening bilateral relations between countries donors – Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway, and the beneficiary countries, one of which is Bulgaria.

Thematic Priorities

Under the second call for strategic projects, project proposals can be submitted to six thematic priorities:

Improving democratic culture and civic awareness.
Support for human rights.
Empowerment of vulnerable groups.
Increasing the contribution of civil society organizations to gender equality and the prevention of gender-based violence.
Increasing the commitment of citizens to environmental protection and climate change.
Improving the capacity and sustainability of the civil sector, including civil society organizations.
Funding Information

The competition for strategic projects will support projects of civil society organizations (non-profit legal entities – non-profit organizations) with a duration from 12 to 34 months 3 and the amount of the grant from 10 001 to 200 000 euros in six thematic priorities.
Indicative budget of the second competition for strategic projects:
Improving democratic culture and civic awareness: € 1,325,900;
Support for human rights: € 1,093,120;
Empowerment of vulnerable groups: € 815,000;
Increasing the contribution of civil society organizations to gender equality and the prevention of gender-based violence: € 549,650;
Increasing the commitment of citizens to environmental protection and climate change: € 421,530;
Improving the capacity and sustainability of the civil sector, including civil society organizations: € 566,080;
The total indicative budget available for grants for strategic projects under the competition is 4,771,280 euros.
Eligible Activities

Carrying out/participation in consultations (including public consultations and stakeholder consultations);
Advocacy campaigns and other advocacy initiatives;
Monitoring activities (with reference to public policies and institutions at national/central or local level, elections, public appointments, etc.);
Preparation of analyses, reports, studies, etc., aimed at holding an informed public debate and formulating evidence-based public policies;
Development of training materials – all kinds of online and offline applications and platforms, textbooks, manuals, manuals, guidelines for work, etc. ;
Promotion and distribution, incl. online distribution of research, analysis, reports, training materials, etc., including translation, prepress and printing;
Provision of legal aid;
The building of partnerships;
Organizing and conducting training, seminars, conferences, etc.;
Purchase of equipment and software for NGOs with the aim to enable staff, activists, and vulnerable communities to operate in the digital environment in relation to COVID-19. 7
Training to use digital instruments in relation to COVID-19.
Securing of personal protection materials and substances for disinfestation in relation to COVID19.
Developing operational capacities in CSOs to meet COVID-19 related challenges, including the development of organizational policies and approaches to target groups, etc.
Project management and reporting activities;
Activities in fulfillment of the requirements of the project contract – activities to ensure visualization and publicity of the project, audit, etc.;
Other activities that the applicant has convincingly justified in the project proposal as necessary to achieve the project goal. The project must include the following two activities:
Project management and reporting;
Activities to implement the communication plan and make the results of the project public.
Eligibility Criteria

Eligible candidates for the second competition for strategic projects are civil organizations / non-governmental organizations 22, registered in Bulgaria as legal entities non-profit (NPO) under the Law on Non-Profit Legal Entities, designated for public benefit activities 23 (including community centers, registered under the Non-Profit Legal Entities Act and the Bulgarian Red Cross).
Eligible applicants must also meet the following requirements:
not be associations of economic entities or organizations established on professional principle, the aims and activities of which are aimed at the protection of the specific interests of their members, founders or members of bodies;
not dependent by the local, regional or central government and from other state and public bodies and institutions;
not to be dependent on political parties and traders within the meaning of the Commercial law;
to respect the principles of democracy and respect for human rights.
Political parties, religious institutions, social partners 25, and cooperatives do not are eligible candidates under the Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria.
Submission of Project Proposals

The submission of project proposals is web-based. For this purpose, applicants have to register a profile in the Electronic Proposal Submission System (ESPSP) of the Fund. EPSS is accessible via the Fund’s website. Registration in the EPSS is one-off for the entire duration of the Active Citizens Fund in Bulgaria. Project partners DO NOT register in the EPSS.
The application form for the second call for strategic projects is one for all thematic outcomes. Applicants must complete all required fields of the form, including a proposal for a project communication plan, as required by the General provisions to the Project Contract.
The web-based application form must be completed in the Bulgarian language. It must be submitted by the applicant in the EPSS together with all mandatory attachments (in the specified file format). The application form and the attachments together constitute the project proposal. All application documents templates (standard forms) can be found as annexes to the current guidelines and downloaded.
Attention: Proposals will not be accepted on paper, by e-mail, or by any other means, except by submitting them via the EPSS.

For more information, visit https://bit.ly/3nFGYyS

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