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Scanlan Foundation’s Grant Program in the US

Scanlan Foundation’s Grant Program in the US

Deadline: 15-May-22

The Scanlan Foundation’s Grant Program is now open for applications to support organization for the Roman Catholic Church of Texas.

The Scanlan Foundation recognizes opportunities to support the Church and its ministries in ways beyond financial means.

The Foundation believe that the most impactful way to carry out our mission of furthering the Roman Catholic Church in the State of Texas is to build a culture of vocations to the priesthood, religious life, and holy families.


Marriage & Holy Families: The Scanlan Foundation recognizes the importance of strong holy marriages and families in building a culture of vocations. Goal:
Encourage couples discerning marriage to choose sacramental marriage and be well-prepared for their upcoming marriage.
Strengthen and bolster existing marriages for their important role as the domestic church.
Catholic Education: Scanlan Foundation has always considered Catholic Education to be critical to strengthening the fabric of our society. Goal:
Enhance access to Catholic education for families who value the faith-based educational environment but would otherwise be unable to afford the tuition.
Improve teacher faith-formation.
Develop strong campus ministries.
Evangelization & Discipleship: Goal
Form Missionary Disciples, especially on the college campuses in Texas.
Foster personal holiness and promote individual faith formation.
Life & Human Dignity: A major component of the Roman Catholic faith is carrying out the social teachings of the Catholic Church, as laid out in the Beatitudes and defined through the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Goal:
Assist the poor, sick, and vulnerable.
Promote faith-based therapy.
Strengthen the culture of life.
How the Foundation Support

Stimulate: Scanlan Foundation stimulates innovative ideas and initiatives which create impact through encouraging leadership and innovation.
Equip: Scanlan Foundation equips organizations with the resources necessary to accelerate growth and transformation through grants and consulting.
Impact: Scanlan Foundation measures impact through research, data tracking, and analysis.
Expand: Scanlan Foundation continues to expand its administrative processes and procedures for assessing grant effectiveness with revised processes, updated assessment templates, and collaborative partnerships with other foundations, institutions, and philanthropists to foster and fund innovation in the Church in Texas.
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