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Samuel Hall hires 01 Consultant for IOM Research Project

Samuel Hall hires 01 Consultant for IOM Research Project
Localisation Dakar / Sénégal
Expiration 25 Mai 2017
Description de l’offre
Samuel Hall is seeking an experienced and professional Senegalese field researcher for a 15-day assignment in Senegal under an International Organisation for Migration (IOM) project focusing on the return and reintegration of migrants.

Who we are

Samuel Hall is an independent think tank specialised in field research and social impact. We provide practicable insights to challenging issues in the developing world by providing academic-standard research through primary data collection in areas where researchers do not commonly go. Samuel Hall works with governments, donors, multilateral organisations and INGOs, as well public and private sector entities. We have worked with more than sixty-five organisations worldwide since 2010 through our offices in Afghanistan, Kenya and Somalia covering Asia and Africa.

About the Project

IOM Geneva has commissioned Samuel Hall to rethink its operational approach to reintegration under the Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) program. The purpose of the fieldwork is to obtain the views of key informants and stakeholders, individual returnees, their community members and community leaders on the challenges and opportunities of return to Senegal. The fieldwork stage is taking place during the months of May and June 2017 in five countries – Afghanistan, Iraq, Ethiopia, Somalia, Senegal — and will have two objectives:

· Test the principles, guidelines and indicators to measure sustainable reintegration at the individual, community and structural levels

· Assess complementary and innovative approaches to reintegration in the field of AVRR

Vacancy requirements

Experience with coordinating qualitative and quantitative field research in Senegal (Dakar and Tambacounda) is the main requirement for this role. The successful candidate needs to fulfil the following criteria:

· Senegalese citizenship

· At least 5 years’ experience managing field research in Senegal

· Preferably prior experience working on migration issues (such as return of Senegal nationals)

· University degree

· Complete written and oral fluency in English, French, and Wolof

· Flexibility to travel within Senegal

· Ability to cope well under pressure and meet tight deadlines

· Ability to work with remote supervision and communicate daily on progress of the work

· Experience with electronic quantitative data collection through ODK (or Kobotoolbox)

Tasks to be Performed under the Contract

Review the methodological note for the fieldwork

Identify respondents as defined in sampling targets

Quantitative survey:

a. Source enumerators for a quantitative phone-based survey

b. Manage a quantitative survey of 50 returnees and 50 community members

Qualitative survey:
a. Conduct 7 key informant interviews using already developed Tool Guidelines.

b. Conduct 4 case studies using already developed Tool Guidelines.

c. Conduct 3 focus group discussions (5-7) participants using Tool Guidelines.

Check the quality of the quantitative data collected through ODK daily

Share the transcripts of all qualitative interviews (key informant interviews, case studies, focus group discussions)

Provide an analysis document to be used in the final report to be submitted to IOM.

Role in Project Team

Report to the Samuel Hall research team (Project Officer and Director )with daily updates on respondents’ contacts, interviews and progress of tasks to ensure critical information flows, and problem solving in due time.

Update all transcript materials and raw data electronically and on a daily basis


Submit the 12 transcripts (7 key informant interviews, 4 case studies, 3 focus group discussions) – original and translated into English

Provide an analysis document to be used in the final report to be submitted to IOM

Timeframe for Deliverables

The consultancy is for a period of fifteen (15) days and will be home-based with field travel to two locations (Dakar and Tambacounda) to be determined prior to the start of the consultancy.



May 31

Train enumerators for the quantitative survey in Location 1

May 29 – June 3

4 key informant interviews and 2 focus group discussions in Dakar

June 5 – 9

4 key informant interviews and 2 focus group discussions in Tambacounda

June 12

7 qualitative interviews and 3 Focus Groups Discussions in transcript form

June 15

Field report to be used in the final report to be submitted to IOM

Employer: Samuel Hall

Location: Senegal

Position: Field Researcher

Contract Duration: 20 days

Gender: Female or Male

Nationality: Senegalese, or allowed to work in the country

Salary:To be determined based on the candidate’s experience

Vacancy Announcement: 18 May 2017

Vacancy Closure: 25 May 2017

Minimum Qualifications: 5 years’ experience managing field research in Senegal

Submission E-Mail:

Submission Guidelines

All applicants should send their cover letter and CV in separate PDF files, each labelled: “CL/CV – Full name of Applicant” with the e-mail subject line clearly expressed, using the following format: “Name – Field Researcher Senegal”.
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