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SABI Grants Fund: Inviting Sierra Leone based NGOs & CSOs

SABI Grants Fund: Inviting Sierra Leone based NGOs & CSOs

Deadline: 10 July 2018

SABI, a citizen-led accountability programme funded by UK aid, has launched an open call for grant applications to fill identified gaps in current implementation, to complement and strengthen the work of existing local partners, and to feed into programme learning.


Every grant must respond to one or more of the objectives set out below and must have a clear gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) focus.

  • Enhance the capability of communities to hold duty bearers to account for service delivery
  • Enhance the capability of duty bearers to be more accountable in their delivery of services
  • Respond to the CPS findings in SABI target areas
  • Promote an integrated approach to GESI across the programme, with clear results for women, persons with disabilities (PWDs) and other marginalised groups
  • Fill identified gaps in current implementation
  • Respond to unexpected or emerging opportunities
  • Contribute to programme learning, leverage and influence; and generate evidence for programme adaptation

Identified gaps in current implementation

Set out below are three areas where they have identified gaps in current implementation and projects which address these will be preferred.

  • Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI)
  • Policy literacy at community level
  • Strengthening capacity of structures

Grant Information

The fund comprises a total pool of £490k and grants will be awarded for 12-month projects for the sum of between £15k and £25k per project (between Le 150m and Le 250m).

Eligibility Criteria

SABI is setting a high bar for eligibility, cognisant of the fact that this is just one component of a complex, nationwide programme, and that it is not intended as a capacity-building initiative. Local NGOs and other CSOs may apply. The eligibility criteria are grouped into two:

  • Organisations/Networks/Partner Eligibility Criteria: The organisation must satisfy all of the following minimum standards of eligibility:
    • Be legally registered in Sierra Leone and be fully compliant with all relevant legislation;
    • Have appropriate standards and structures for good organisational governance/oversight and financial management and be able to demonstrate active engagement of the governing/oversight body;
    • Practically demonstrate real and actual commitment to inclusion/diversity and gender sensitivity across the organisation, including proven capacity/good understanding of participatory approaches to implementation and M & E;
    • Satisfy SABI minimum standards of financial management, including a willingness to open a separate bank account for SABI funds; have at least two previous annual statements of accounts audited by a suitably certified person(s) or body;
    • Be able to demonstrate a good track record with previous donors and provide two references from previous donors;
    • Have experience of managing grants of a similar size. (The grant must not represent more than 40% percentage of the organisation’s annual income for the previous financial year);
    • Demonstrate a two-year track record in delivering results and timely reports;
    • For coalitions and networks: be formalised by way of a memorandum of understanding signed by its constituents; demonstrate the effectiveness and reach of the coalition;
    • Desirable: Have staff members who are women or from socially excluded groups/ communities;
    • Desirable: Have processes for and evidence of beneficiary feedback.
  • Project Eligibility Criteria
    • Proposed projects must be able to demonstrate how they will deliver on the objectives of the grant fund and fulfil our GESI minimum standards, summarised below:
      • Potential to enhance the voice and participation of women, PWDs and other marginalized groups and level to which it addresses their specific needs and vulnerabilities;
    • Other aspects which will be taken into account when proposals are being assessed:
      • Alignment with wider SABI programming;
      • Ability to replicate/scale up activities, to leverage impact and add value;
      • Potential to move beyond advocacy to inclusive accountability engagement;
      • Capacity to deliver intended results within the specified timeframe and likelihood of achieving expected results;
      • Commitment to collaboration with others, state and non-state, to expand potential impact;
      • Opportunity for learning;
      • Level of innovation;
      • VFM and with a strong emphasis on sustainability;
      • Evidence of the involvement of beneficiaries in project design; mechanisms to involve beneficiaries in project implementation and/or management.
    • Note: An organisation may submit more than one proposal but will be awarded no more than one grant across the two calls (June 2018 and October 2018).

How to Apply

Applicants must download the application form via given website.

Eligible Country: Sierra Leone

For more information, please visit SABI Grants.

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