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Rotary Club of Frederick Providing Service Partnership Grant – United States

Rotary Club of Frederick Providing Service Partnership Grant – United States

Deadline: 27-Oct-20

The Rotary Club of Frederick, through its Community Foundation-held Rotary Club of Frederick First Century Trust Fund and through its own fundraising efforts, provides Service Partnership Grants to nonprofits providing impactful services in Frederick County.

Seed Grants
The Community Foundation of Frederick County administers the grant application and reporting processes.

Funding Information

The Rotary Club of Frederick desires to create service partnerships with Frederick County organizations whose missions enhance local communities.
In 2021, a total of $60,000 will be available to nonprofits.
What do they fund?

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They fund nonprofits meeting the areas of greatest need in Frederick County through strategic grants. These needs have been identified in The 2011 Frederick County Human Needs Assessment Report and the 2018 Frederick County Human Needs Assessment Report.
The focus of strategic grant funding may change as new data becomes available. Currently, they are funding high impact projects that:
reduce emergency department visits;
prevent homelessness and help the newly homeless;
improve school readiness for young children.
In FY20, they are funding capacity-building outcomes for programs, organizations, or systems that address:
supporting families with children;
preparing for an aging population;
responding to substance use disorder.
They also support a wide array of programs that improve the community and provide opportunities for people of all ages through impact grants. Funding can support:
health and human services;
historic preservation;
the arts;
civic causes;
animal welfare;
youth programs;
elder care;
They support nonprofits meeting the needs of individual Frederick County residents through rolling grants. Funds remain available until they are used, or until June 1 each year. Funding can support:
extraordinary medical needs;
a “hand-up” to someone experiencing hardship;
other purposes as funds become available.
Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for consideration, Rotary Service Partner applicants must:

Be an established 501c3 organization;
Provide services in Frederick County;
Demonstrate a compelling need in the community which the program or project will address;
Be willing to accept partial funding;
Have a mission that is aligned with one of the following service areas:
Basic Education and Literacy
Peace and Conflict Resolution
Community Health and Wellness, to include:
Substance Use Disorder
Behavioral Health
Maternal Child Health
ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences)
Children and Families
Aging Population
Affordable Housing/Homelessness Prevention
Veterans Issues
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