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R efugee womens centre recruits 01 Volunteer Digital Coordinators

R efugee womens centre recruits 01 Volunteer Digital Coordinators

Remote volunteer role providing digital support for grassroots organisations in Calais

Today there are estimated to be over 2,000 displaced people in Calais, living in tents or under tarpaulin in temporary settlements scattered across the area. In order to more effectively fundraise and deliver services, 7 grassroots organisations working in Northern France are forming a new working group, the Calais Common Appeal. The aim of the Calais Common Appeal is to raise awareness about conditions in Calais and increase financial donations to organisations working on the ground.

Ahead of the launch of the Calais Common Appeal, we are looking for volunteer digital coordinators to develop our new communications and fundraising platform. This will include building a basic website where we can share updates on conditions in Calais, growing a mailing list to engage and update supporters, and publishing a monthly/bi-weekly newsletter.

The situation in Calais is extremely challenging, so we hope to launch the platform as soon as possible. Our aim is to recruit a number of volunteers who can work as a team to help us have an accessible and compelling website ready to launch in the coming weeks (mid October at the latest).

If you have digital experience, immediate availability and are ready to get stuck in, we’d love to hear from you. We are drafting website copy and collating photos as we speak, so you’ll be able to start on website construction ASAP.

The volunteer digital coordinators will be responsible for:

  • Creating and designing the website in line with the specifications from members of the Calais Collective Appeal
  • Ensuring the upkeep and maintenance of the structure of the platform
  • Ensuring any content is kept confidential until unanimously agreed it can be public, and recognising that the working group will have the final call on all designs / content
  • Collating and publishing the monthly/ bi-weekly newsletter
  • Growing and maintaining a mailing list of supporters
  • Developing a content publishing schedule for organisations to provide content
  • Attending weekly meetings with the interassociative working group to decide and feedback on the structure and direction of the shared platform

Required for the role

  • Knowledge of how to design and maintain a website
  • Social media/communications experience
  • Initially, ability to dedicate around 6 hours a week to creating and designing the website
  • Ability to reliably dedicate 2-3 hours per week to the role (with flexibility for some holiday weeks!)
  • Fluent or near-fluent command of English

Desirable for the role

  • Knowledge of the situation in Northern France
  • Experience working with displaced communities/people on the move

If interested please email at

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