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Quartet Community Foundation for Bath & West Energy Fund Grant – UK

Quartet Community Foundation for Bath & West Energy Fund Grant – UK

Deadline: 2-Nov-20

The Quartet Community Foundation on behalf of the BWCE Fund is seeks for its Bath & West Community Energy (BWCE) Fund Grant to distribute surplus income for community benefit.

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BWCE develops community owned renewable energy projects, offering local people the opportunity to invest in local projects, earn a reasonable return and as members have a say in the running of the organization. BWCE is a community enterprise, set up for the benefit of the community (a ‘Community Benefit Society’) and to support local action to reduce the impact of climate change.


Cash Grants for NGOs to improve access to justice around the world
Foundation Grants of up to € 100,000 to increase people’s resilience to disasters
Cash Grants for NGOs to improve access to justice around the world
Foundation Grants of up to € 100,000 to increase people’s resilience to disasters
The project work may also aim to deliver some of the following secondary objectives:

Address a specific community issue, concern or problem;
Education of people of all ages;
Provide vocational training;
Offer training and/or support for volunteers;
Provide practical energy efficiency improvements, where government funding is not already available;
Raise awareness and/or offer practical support for action to reduce carbon emissions or fuel poverty.
Funding Information

The BWCE Fund makes grants between £500 to £5,000 to local charities, community, voluntary or self-help groups.
What can you apply for?

To be eligible for funding the project must aim to reduce carbon emissions and/or address fuel poverty in Bath and the surrounding area. This year, and as communities work together to recover from the Covid-19 crisis, the fund is happy to consider applications for projects that increase the resilience of communities in a way that also reduces carbon emissions.
Applicants may wish to note:-
Projects that address the challenges of fuel poverty also need to include energy efficiency/ environmental measures. The Fund welcomes projects that raise awareness of climate change and encourage positive action, including behavioural change.
If application relates to energy reduction, please note that applications with a clear outline of energy use and possible savings are more likely to be successful. Seek expert advice as necessary, especially in relation to projects that relate to energy efficiency.
The BWCE Fund recommends that applicants focusing on energy reduction take the following energy hierarchy into account to maximize cost-effective energy savings:
Step A: Insulation – Lag pipes, draught-proof and address insulation for radiators, windows, lofts, walls and ceilings.
Step B: Equipment – Improve or replace heating, lighting, ventilation, refrigeration and other equipment to maximize energy efficiency.
Step C: Renewables – Please address insulation first (where relevant) and then equipment in order to maximize energy efficiency before applying for funding for renewables.
Eligibility Criteria

The Bath & West Community Energy Fund Grant Programme is open to groups or projects working in Bath and the surrounding area. It is particularly targeted at small organizations with charitable aims. Applicants do not have to be an energy or environmental group. Applications from projects in the vicinity of existing BWCE projects are particularly welcome.
To be eligible, a group must:
Be a community, self-help or voluntary group, a community enterprise, a local charity, or a local branch of a national charity working in Bath or the surrounding area (as defined above).
Carry out a project that will reduce carbon emissions and/ or reduce fuel poverty.
There are no limits to the size of organization which may apply to this fund and you do not have to be a registered charity, as long as the work you do has charitable aims and you have a constitution (set of rules), a management committee (at least 3 members), use of a group bank account with at least two signatories and, if applicable, a safeguarding policy.
What we don’t fund

Grant or loan schemes run by third parties;
General appeals;
Commercial companies;
Statutory organizations or the direct replacement of statutory funding;
Political groups or activities promoting political beliefs;
Religious groups for projects promoting religious beliefs;
Arts projects with no community or charitable element;
Sports projects with no community or charitable element;
Medical research, equipment or treatment;
Animal welfare;
Projects that take place before an application can be processed;
Activities that are intended to raise funds for other organizations.
Monitoring and Evaluation

Six months after the grant has been paid and at the end of the project if this is significantly later, we
will send you a grant monitoring report form to you to complete.

This form asks for details of how the grant was spent and what was achieved including information about the impact of the project on carbon emissions and /or fuel poverty. Where applicable, data will be required including the likely carbon savings from the project.

In addition, a member of our staff or trustee may contact you to arrange a visit to find out more. For projects that last at least 12 months, you will be asked to complete an interim monitoring report form after 6 months, at 12 months (if requested) and at the end of the project.

The Information provided in the grant monitoring report may be used by the BWCE Fund on their website. In providing the photos and a statement, the successful applicant agrees to the BWCE Fund
using these materials & data; grants BWCE and the BWCE Fund copyright in photos; and warrants &
indemnifies BWCE that the successful applicant has the approval of anyone in the photos (and
statement) that these materials will be used for the purposes of publicizing and promoting the BWCE Fund.

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