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QAMH seeking Applications for Community Event Grants Program – Australia

QAMH seeking Applications for Community Event Grants Program – Australia

Deadline: 24-Jul-2020

In 2020, Queensland Alliance for Mental Health Ltd (QAMH) on behalf of the Queensland Mental Health Commission (QMHC) is offering small grants to organisations across Queensland to host registered Queensland Mental Health Week (QMHW) community awareness events and activities.

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The Community event grants aims to support local organisations across Queensland with funding to host registered Queensland Mental Health Week (QMHW) community mental health awareness in-person and online events and activities.

The program aims to support organisations and communities to promote awareness of, and contribute to, improved mental health and wellbeing in their local community. Local community activities provide a focal point for awareness, education and understanding, and help foster community connection and inclusion for those living with mental illness, their families, carers and support people.

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Funding Information

The following grant amounts will be offered (excluding GST): $500, $1000, $1500, $2000, $2500.
The total value of the grant program is $95,000. Funded events or activities will:
Increase community awareness of, and engagement in, mental health and wellbeing
Promote education and understanding of mental illness
Foster inclusion of those living with mental illness, their families, carers, and support people
Applicants are encouraged to partner with mental health and other local organisations as well as local councils to maximise the reach and impact of their QMHW event/activity.

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Eligibility Criteria

The following are eligible to apply for a grant under the grant program for registered QMHW events and activities:

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state schools may apply via their P&C and are required to sign the application form
private schools may apply via their P&C and are required to sign the application form
incorporated bodies, including non-government organisations
local governments
companies The following are not eligible for a grant:
political or religious organisations
organisations that receive any form of funding from tobacco or alcohol companies or their related foundations, either directly or indirectly
State, Territory and Australian government agencies
Assessment Criteria

Compliance and eligibility screening
Each grant application will first be assessed to ensure it is complete and meets all the eligibility criteria as outlined in these guidelines.
An Assessment Panel will consider compliant and eligible applications by:
assessing and ranking applications based on the assessment criteria
moderating application rankings to ensure an equitable distribution of funding provided under the grant program, having regard to geographic areas and vulnerable groups at greater risk.
Successful applications determined
Successful applicants will be selected and approved by the Assessment Panel.
The Queensland Alliance for Mental Health is committed to best practice in its funding decisions.
For more information, visit

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