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Puketāpapa Quick Response Grant in New Zealand

Puketāpapa Quick Response Grant in New Zealand

Deadline: 6-May-22

The Auckland Council is accepting applications for the Puketāpapa Quick Response Grant.

Types of projects funded by the grant
Sports and recreation
​They welcome grant applications that align with the following priorities:
Improved community understanding of te ao Māori.
Communities with a sense of belonging and identity, and pride in their diversity.
Inclusive, interconnected and supportive neighbourhoods.
Places that they live, learn, work and play support us to have healthier, more active lifestyles.
Strong local youth voice and leadership.
We all take care of waterways, parks and public spaces.
Their people live more environmentally friendly lifestyles.
A well-used network of facilities and public spaces that are inviting, safe, and promote wellbeing.
Improve local skills so they match local opportunities.
Their people are able to help their communities and others.
Higher priority for eligibility
​They will prioritise projects which:
support community resilience and recovery, in response to the COVID-19 crisis and demonstrate how a project will proceed at each alert level
demonstrate how a group will reach the more vulnerable in their community
demonstrate collaboration e.g. involves working with other like-minded organisations and/or different parts of the community
seek other funding
address two or more of the Five Ways to Wellbeing outlined by the Mental Health Foundation
support and promote volunteerism
can demonstrate community match funding (groups who demonstrate that 40 per cent of project costs have already been met, including the approximate value provided by volunteers as a contribution to projects, events and/or initiatives)
encourage people to engage with their wider community
target and support local resident delivery and participation
align with projects/activities with Māori outcomes
are inclusive and support under-represented members of the community.
Lower priority for eligibility
They have identified the following activities as lower priority:
Programmes or events with entry fees.
Projects or events that are outside the local board area.
Air travel, overseas, wages or operational costs.
Catering, gifts or prizes.
Wages or operational costs with the exception of fees for professional and specialised services.
Fundraising activities for a group or organization.
Activities that primarily benefit a third party e.g. activity to gain money for an organisation.
Projects and activities in schools, unless you can demonstrate:
benefit to the wider community
accessibility to the public out of school hours
a plan on how the project will be open to the wider community.
Funding Information
Amount: $300 – $2000

Their grants programme will support the following outcomes:

Inclusive communities that are healthy, connected and thriving.
Their people speak up and help shape their future.
Their environment is protected and enhanced for present and future generations.
Well-planned neighbourhoods and vibrant public spaces.
Thriving local economy with opportunities to learn, work and volunteer.
Eligibility Criteria
community organisations with a formal legal structure
groups or individuals with no formal legal structure can apply for up to $1,000 (Kaipatiki Local Board will not fund individuals)
applicants seeking funding over $1,000 will need to nominate an umbrella organisation or
receive funding retrospectively.
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