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Public Diplomacy Grants Program in Argentina

Public Diplomacy Grants Program in Argentina

Deadline: 31-Dec-21

The U.S. Embassy Argentina Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U.S. Department of State is pleased to announce its Public Diplomacy Grants Program.

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PAS invites proposals from Argentine academic, cultural, educational, and other non-profit organizations and/or individuals that fulfill U.S. Embassy goals and objectives:
to strengthen the bilateral ties between the United States and Argentina,
promote economic prosperity and security through academic and cultural initiatives seeking to increase understanding between U.S. and Argentine people and institutions.
Focus Topics
The Grants Program assists organizations in carrying out programs, providing new opportunities for citizen engagement, sharing best practices, and promoting and advancing issues of public importance, focused on the following topics:
Promote U.S. – Argentina shared values
Projects that promote U.S. culture, including music, history, sports, education, tourism, or English Language.
Activities, workshops and speaker programs that strengthen the ties and increase mutual understanding between people in the U.S. and Argentina.
Projects that support educational exchange and partnership particularly those related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematic (STEM) among Argentine youth.
Strengthen Prosperity
Projects that foster economic growth, improved business climate, entrepreneurship, innovation, corporate social responsibility, U.S. businesses, and the protection of Intellectual Property Rights.
Projects that encourage social development, help reduce inequality, especially among marginalized populations especially outside the City of Buenos Aires.
Projects that support the development of sustainable agriculture, energy or water management, environmental protection, wildlife conservation.
Reinforce democracy, freedom and transparency
Programs that promote good governance, open data and more transparent, independent and democratic institutions in Argentina.
Projects that support human rights, racial/ethnic equality, gender equality, women’s empowerment, diversity and social inclusion as part of a strong civil society.
Programs related to freedom of the press that improve quality of investigative journalism and transparency.
Priority Program Areas
Improve STEM and English education in Argentina
Reinforce journalistic standards to counter disinformation and support freedom of information
Encourage inclusion and diversity through engagement with marginalized populations, women, at-risk youth, and minorities to reduce economic inequality.
Funding Information
Grants will be awarded in amounts between $10,000 and $100,000 U.S. dollars.
Priority Audiences
Emerging voices, including civil society leaders;
Business leaders and entrepreneurs;
Established opinion leaders, including cultural and/or academic institution leadership;
Residents of Argentine provinces outside of the city of Buenos Aires.
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