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Public Call for Support for Civic Projects and Initiatives (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Public Call for Support for Civic Projects and Initiatives (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


Deadline: 6-Dec-20

The Tuzla Community Foundation invites citizens, associations and institutions from the Tuzla Canton to get involved in the development of their local community and to show how much they love the place where they live with small projects for the benefit of all!

World Vision is seeking to address this problem by soliciting novel ideas, concepts, and technologies to significantly lower the cost of safe, sanitary, and effective toilets. While solutions presenting integrated designs that address all three primary components are ideal, Solvers may also receive awards for solutions that only lower the cost of one or two components.

The “I LOVE MY CITY” Fund is a new initiative of the Tuzla Community Foundation, within the Community Development Program, which is implemented throughout Tuzla Canton to encourage civic activism and support initiatives and projects that will contribute to improving living conditions in the local communities.

Citizens, associations and institutions from the Tuzla Canton, who have an idea how to solve key problems in their local community and who want to make positive changes in their environment through civic initiative, cooperation between public, business and non-profit sectors, can apply to this call.

Priority Areas

Preference will be given to innovative cross-sectoral partnerships for sustainable cities and communities, and to projects that will improve the following areas of living:

Conservation of nature and care for the environment, health, and Climate;
Providing opportunities for lifelong learning and non-formal education;
Reducing inequalities and better position of vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Increase citizen participation in community development in all cities of Tuzla Canton;
Improve living conditions in local communities in Tuzla Canton;
Strengthen the civil sector and the capacity of civil society leaders in Tuzla Canton;
Establish cross-sectorial partnerships and promote the important role of the civil sector and civic initiatives in community development.
What do they Support?

Innovative projects from different areas of life that respond to the needs of the local community and which directly improve living conditions in Tuzla Canton;
The value of support per project can range from 500.00 KM to 3,000.00 KM;
They support projects lasting from 1 month to a maximum of 1 year;
Projects should be based on the voluntary engagement of applicants and the promotion of cross-sectoral cooperation;
Projects should be aimed at solving a specific and priority problem in the local community or meeting a specific need in the community.
Who can apply

Independent organizations and associations from the area of Tuzla Canton;
Independent public institutions from the area of Tuzla Canton (libraries, kindergartens, schools, formally registered local communities, etc.);
Informal groups of citizens of at least 3 adult members from the area of Tuzla Canton.
For more information, visit https://www.fondacijatz.org/page/39/1096

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