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Project Proposals Contest of Public Organizations and Associations of Turkmenistan

Project Proposals Contest of Public Organizations and Associations of Turkmenistan

Deadline: 20-Sep-22

The International Organization for Migration (IOM), in cooperation with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the framework of the “Protection of Vulnerable Migrants with Special Emphasis on Empowering Women in the Context of Migration in Central Asia”, announces the call for applications of project proposals contest of public organizations and associations of Turkmenistan.

Area of Specialization
The project should be aimed at creating a “Hot Line” – which will contribute to the prevention and counteraction of human trafficking in Turkmenistan, protection and assistance to victims of human trafficking and vulnerable migrants returned to Turkmenistan from destination or transit states, as well as identifying them in the process of conducting daily work to prevent and combat human trafficking.
“Hotline” – Information and reference service, which you can call in order to receive qualified advice on legal employment within the country and abroad, warn the authorities of this country about cases of forcing a person to act that violates his rights and restricts him freedom.
Funding Information
At least two applications with a budget of no more than eight thousand (8,000) US dollars will be supported.

Eligible Projects
Project activities may include, but are not limited to:

Provision of premises for the office of the “Hot Line” with a telephone number accessible from anywhere in the country;
Carrying out the selection of qualified personnel for the continuous operation of the “Hot Line” (manager, operators, etc.);
Providing advice on various migration issues, especially on preventing and protecting society from human trafficking; Consultations on emigration, immigration, voluntary return of citizens to their homeland (repatriation); study abroad; tourism; migration for permanent residence (for permanent residence); conclusion and / or dissolution of marriage with a foreigner; employment abroad, commercial trips abroad, etc.
Assistance in conducting national and participation in international trainings for the personnel of “Hot Lines” of other countries;
Keeping statistics, accumulating current information about victims of human trafficking, including regular call registration;
Carrying out administrative, financial and technical measures to maintain the premises of the Hot Line office in a condition suitable for its continuous operation;
Preparation of relevant documentation, including the provision of reports and recommendations for improving the work of the Hot Line;
Any other activity intended to achieve the purpose of the project
Geographic coverage
Location of the project: Ashgabat and Turkmenabad, Lebap velayat (two projects expected)

The project aims to achieve three outcomes at the individual and household/family levels, community and structural levels:

Empowerment of women in the context of migration to participate in the labor market in countries of origin and destination;
Target communities in Central Asia adopt gender-equitable attitudes and behavior towards women in the context of migration;
Strengthened national responses to migrant vulnerability through consolidated coordination platforms and collaboration among all relevant actors, including in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic
Organizations submitting a project application must demonstrate their ability to implement all of the listed activities in a comprehensive manner. Partial applications for individual events will not be considered.
IOM reserves the right to cancel/reduce planned events or introduce new events or expand existing events. The selected implementing partner must be ready to develop a detailed budget based on the submitted proposal within two weeks of receiving notification from IOM.
All applicants will receive a written notification of the selection results within two weeks of the concept note submission deadline. Should the applicant request further clarification, IOM will provide a response explaining the transparency and fairness of the selection process carried out.
IOM reserves the right not to disclose the specifics of a decision taken by an IOM mission for confidentiality reasons.
IOM reserves the right to accept or reject any expression of interest and to cancel the selection process and reject all expressions of interest at any time, without thereby incurring any liability to the relevant implementing partners.
For more information, visit https://turkmenistan.un.org/en/198578-call-applications-project-proposals-pik

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