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Practice Research and Development Grants Program in Australia

Practice Research and Development Grants Program in Australia

Deadline: 6-Dec-21

The Government of South Australia is offering grants through its Practice Research and Development Grants Program for practice-based research and experimentation related to making and presenting work in a living-with-COVID environment.

Proposals which explore new ways to collaborate and make work as well as new COVID-safe audience engagement models are encouraged.

Funding will support redevelopment of existing work for a living-with-COVID environment.

Funding Information
Amount: Up to $20 000
Funded activity/outcomes may include:

studio-based research and experimentation
residency-based research and experimentation
proof of concept through trial collaborations and development showings.
Eligibility Criteria
Independent artists and groups
Small to medium and major State Government funded organisations employing independent artists to undertake research and experimentation.
You can apply for:
Creative fees (such as performers, composers, choreographers, designers, curators)
Producer fees
Technical personnel and production costs
Travel, living allowance
Hire of studio, venue and equipment
Photography and documentation
Exhibition costs
The preparation of work intended for self-publishing, such as mentorship, editing and design costs (applicants must make a compelling case for self-publishing, which includes a strong track record of published work and a viable marketing/distribution plan).
Assessment Criteria
Artistic Merit
innovation, originality, quality, creativity and ambition
the track record, creative achievement and skill of the artist or artists involved
the context in which the work is being undertaken
the potential contribution to the development of the art form
evidence of experimentation, risk taking and bravery.
the planning and resources required to achieve the potential of the proposal
the ability of the applicant to meet the logistical challenges of the proposal
evidence of strong financial and operational management, including a realistic budget and timeline
evidence of additional resources and support, including other sources of income
in-kind contributions.
the extent to which research and experimentation is likely to initiate change in art form practice and the broader sector.
outcomes which promote inclusivity and accessibility.
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