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Pocahontas County Foundation Grant Program 2021 – United States

Pocahontas County Foundation Grant Program 2021 – United States

Deadline: 13-Nov-20

The Pocahontas County Foundation is welcoming for its grant program that was organized to promote and enhance community based philanthropy in Pocahontas County.

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The Foundation receives funding to facilitate endowment-building and grant-making throughout the county. Seventy-five percent of these funds will be awarded through grants to charitable organizations for educational, civic and public purposes in Pocahontas County.

To date over $1,000,000 has been granted to more than 300 projects. Each community in Pocahontas County has received funding for projects. The projects have included park equipment, library enhancements and resources, educational and leadership programs, the county Barn Quilt project, Farmers Market sites and signs, community beautification projects, safety equipment for fire departments, EMS and schools, hospital equipment, signage for public areas and community entrances, 4-H technology program (STEM), landscaping, Memorial parks, and work out equipment.

The funding for the grants available to the Pocahontas County Foundation was made possible by the Iowa General Assembly. In 2004 the Iowa legislature passed several bills to encourage foundation building and community based philanthropy. Among these measures was H.F. 2032, which provided that non-gambling counties initiating a county-wide community foundation would be eligible to receive one half of one percent of the state’s gross gambling tax receipts.

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Eligibility Criteria

Non-profit agencies or other qualifying charitable organizations operating for the benefit of Pocahontas County may apply for grants.
The applying organization must be located and/or serve clients in Pocahontas County.
The applicant must be a non-profit charitable organization that is tax exempt under IRS regulation. Grantees may ask a 501c3 entity or 170c1 governmental agency to be their fiscal sponsor. That number must be supplied on the application form. No grants will be made that jeopardize the tax exempt status of the Foundation or the fiscal sponsor.
The Foundation makes grants to support creative and innovative programs, current or emerging charitable opportunities, services not presently offered, and capital projects – all of which should enhance the quality of life in the county.
Special attention will be given to projects applying to broad segments of the County, projects proposed by nonprofit coalitions, those likely to gain support from matching fund arrangements, and replicable in design.
Projects funded should not represent significant duplication of initiatives already undertaken by other nonprofit agencies.
Grants are not made in support of annual operating budgets, routine maintenance or repair, or for projects that are considered to be meeting the daily needs of operation.
Requests will generally be denied for current budget support, salaries, labor, food, mileage, clothing, uniforms, elimination of deficits, the reduction of debt or funding of completed projects.
Low priority will be given to programs or projects sponsored by religious institutions and which have a narrowly sectarian purpose. However, programs so sponsored will be considered if they have an ecumenical base or are designed to serve persons in need without regard to their religious affiliation.
The yearly selection process does not have to be consistent with previous selections.
One standard and one high impact application per entity will be accepted for review.
Grant request may not be altered after it has been submitted.
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