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Passerelles numériques recruits 01 Philippines country representative

Passerelles numériques recruits 01 Philippines country representative


Passerelles numériques (PN) is a French non-profit organisation created in 2005. Our mission is to enable highly disadvantaged youths, through their abilities and their commitment, to access education and technical and vocational training, in the sector of Information Technology. We work to build strong employability which will allow them and their families to sustainably escape poverty, and contribute to the social and economic development of their countries.

Established in Cambodia, the Philippines and Vietnam, Passerelles numériques currently trains more than around 600 students and employs around 100 people based in these three countries including a small team in France.

Passerelles numériques relies on the financial and skills sponsorship of several corporate partners such as Accenture, Econocom, JP Morgan and Microsoft and also receives support from individual donors.

Since 2009 Passerelles numériques Philippines (PNP) delivers in Cebu an IT training program based on a holistic educative approach including technical and soft skills, and a personal development program.


Recent context and mission

Since 2019, the PN association has been reflecting on its context, model and impact to improve strongly and critically its relevance, sustainability and visibility.

Indeed, the world of work undergoes tremendous changes at an always quicker pace. Changes are mainly due to the fast progressing digitalization of economies that will affect the entire global workforce, but above all disadvantaged young people and populations, including (young) women. They will be at great risk of professional displacement and unemployment as jobs of the future will likely look very different and new skills to work and to stay relevant will be needed.

As a consequence, PN is undergoing an in depth-transformation in order to review organisation, develop solutions, expand reach, enhance operational capacity and become an innovative player for inclusive technology in a digitalized economy.

Also, to serve those objectives, PN is transitioning progressively in 2020 and starts to reshape operations, organisation and required skills.

In this context, Passerelles numériques in the Philippines (PNP) is looking for a “Country Representative” (“CR”) to sustain the expansion of PN’s mission and reach in the Philippines:

  • Lead the current center-based TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training) operations
  • Design and implement relevant new solutions and partnerships to serve PN’s ambition for inclusive technology and sustained youth employability in a digital era
  • Ensure quality, impact, and sustainability, in line with PN’s charter, values, and Mission

The CR ensures that the Mission, the team work and the PN values (Trust, Responsibility, Respect, Solidarity, and a Demanding Approach) are upheld and transferred to each staff member and student. S/he creates a shared vision among all staff.

S/he is the main representative for PN in the Philippines and as such is responsible for ensuring that the organization remains accountable to the standards and expectations of donors, government authorities, and the local communities.

Duties and responsibilities

Reporting to the PN Asia Director, the Country Representative will be in charge of the following responsibilities:

Strategic Country Program Development and Planning

  • Assess local social trends and challenges related to youth employability, and identify needs in accordance with PN’s mission
  • Develop the capacity of PN to design accurate solutions and collaborations, to serve PN’s mission in the Philippines

Country Program Management and Oversight

  • Ensure that PN’s strategy and mission are developed and implemented in a locally-relevant approach
  • Manage PN’s operations in the Philippines in accordance with PN policies, and with all legal rules and agreements and requirements
  • Oversee the work of PNP’s different teams and departments
  • Oversee pedagogical orientations and training experiments in partnership with PN’s academic partners (currently University of San Carlos), the corporate sector involved in PNP’s activities and all other PN’s local stakeholders
  • Manage and ensure the completion of high quality, results-based programs. Organise accurate monitoring and evaluation of PN’s mission and activities, in accordance with global M&E guidelines.
  • Contribute to operational and strategic governance of the association

People Leadership & Management

  • Lead and manage PNP’s management team
  • Ensure vibrant and positive working conditions, create a climate that attracts, retains and motivates commitment to PN’s mission, and foster an environment dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation
  • Maintain effective and appropriate staff recruitment, induction, appraisal, remuneration, development and learning practice, in accordance with PN’s HR policies
  • Act and behave as an ambassador, a facilitator and a role model to promote PN values: Solidarity, Responsibility, Trust, Respect, Demanding approach

Representation, Advocacy, Partnerships Development

  • Represent Passerelles numériques’ organisation, mission, and values in the Philippines, to all our stakeholders and prospects, with support from the External Relations Team
  • Advocate on behalf of PN to help raise awareness and stimulate action to advance youth employability and digital inclusion
  • In accordance with PN’s strategy, envision and develop meaningful partnerships to serve, expand and/or fund PN’s mission
  • Maintain and develop positive and collaborative relationships with donors
  • Ensure regular, rigorous monitoring, notably in order to deliver appropriate reports for partners

Financial Management & Administration

  • Operate within budget as validated by the Board of PN: Ensure the strict control of budgetary discipline by following PN established procedures and close monitoring of expenditures. Prepare the operational budgets with PNP and PN Finance Managers and report financial metrics as defined at PN level.
  • Validate status updates and financial reports as required by PN accounting procedures and by the Philippines government
  • Oversee and direct the appropriate mobilisation, use and management of financial, logistical and other resources in the mission in line with PN’s policies and donor’s requirements

Knowledge Management

  • Ensure and organise the capacity for PN to maintain strong awareness and accurate knowledge regarding PN’s field of action in the Philippines (Social challenges, development level, employability stakes, business ecosystem,…)
  • Introduce innovation and best practices to enhance program and operational performance
  • Collaborate with other internal and external development partners to identify and/or share relevant practices
  • Lead and manage the process of developing, capturing, and disseminating lessons learned to build internal and external capacity and contribute to PN knowledge management efforts

Logistics & Risk Management

  • Ensure that staff and beneficiaries operate and live in a safe environment
  • Oversee organisational insurance policies. Ensure health and safety procedures are known and followed.
  • Implement and assist in the development, review and maintenance of various policies regarding health, safety, security and environmental matter
  • Anticipate and inform PN’s management about risks and solutions

Skills and experience


  • Master degree or equivalent in a relevant development or social-science related discipline (Education, Training, Economics,…).


Demonstrated Experience in one or several following field(s):

  • Team management, project management and strategy implementation
  • Vocational (TVET) programs for Youth Employability and/or international digital inclusiveness programs
  • Social Purpose Organizations (NGOs, Social Businesses, Social Entrepreneurship)
  • Relationships buildings, partnerships design (Corporate, Institutions,…) and resource mobilization
  • Grants and donors management
  • International environment


  • Integrity and professionalism
  • Cultural sensitivity and valuing diversity
  • Commitment and motivation for Tech-inclusive programs
  • Catalyst of innovation, creativity. Promoter of effective collaboration and communication
  • Appropriate and transparent decision maker
  • Social entrepreneurship: Market-need oriented / Social-purpose driven
  • Strong negotiation, advocacy and interpersonal skills


  • Fluency in written and spoken English

Status and conditions

  • Depending on profile: 2 years International Solidarity Volunteer Contract (VSI) or unfixed term local contract
  • Other conditions according to contract
  • Considering the mission, a longer commitment is highly appreciated
  • Position is based in Cebu, Visayas. Frequent travels in the Philippines and possibly in Asia

Are you who we’re looking for?

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter in English to the attention of Noemie Renquin at, stating “PN Country Representative” in the subject.

Experience / Training

  • Master degree in a relevant field (Education, Training, Management).
  • 2 to 5 years of professional experience in one or several following field(s):
    • Experience in team management
    • Experience in teaching and education of youth
    • Experience in handling youth and/or social work
    • Experience in project management (pedagogy, Education, ICT)
    • Experience in the Non-for-profit sector / Social Purpose Organisations
  • Successful experience in an international environment (in Asia preferably)
  • Strong project management experience (planning, organising, staffing, leading and controlling) preferably in a leading management position
    Strong knowledge of Filipino culture is a valuable plus
  • High sense of integrity and honesty
  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • Sense of initiative, autonomous, organised, creative, open, and critical
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Strongly motivated to work for underprivileged young people
  • English fluency (preferred as it’s the work language)
  • French Language is an asset


  • Depending on profile: 2 years International Solidarity Volunteer Contract (VSI) or unfixed term local contract
  • Other conditions according to contract
  • Considering the mission, a longer commitment is highly appreciated
  • Position is based in Cebu, Visayas. Frequent travels in the Philippines and possibly in Asia

How to apply

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter in English to the attention of Noemie Renquin at

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