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PAS Yerevan Small Grants Program – Armenia

PAS Yerevan Small Grants Program – Armenia

Deadline: 1-Dec-21

The U.S. Embassy Yerevan Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U.S. Department of State is pleased to announce that applications are being accepted for PAS Yerevan’s Small Grants Program to understanding and cooperation between the United States and Armenia through programming that highlights shared values and promotes bilateral cooperation.

All projects must include an American cultural element, or connection with American expert/s, organization/s, or institution/s in a specific field that will promote increased understanding of U.S. policy and perspectives.

Priority Program Areas

Reinforce U.S. – Armenian Shared Values, by funding proposals which: Promote U.S. culture, including music, dance, arts, film, sports, and education, and support human rights, social inclusion, entrepreneurship, youth outreach, and women’s empowerment.
Advance Regional and Global Security, by funding proposals which: Promote reconciliation and lasting partnerships between the people of Armenia and Azerbaijan and/or Turkey, including plans for continued cooperation after the project ends.
Develop Media Capacity and Expand English Language Opportunities, by funding proposals which: train journalists and advance the use of new media tools, as well as expand English language learning and training opportunities for journalists, students, and youth.
Strengthen Democracy and Civil Society, by funding proposals which: encourage transparency and accountability in governance, foster civic engagement and reforms, and promote democracy, trade and investment, rule of law, civic education, and entrepreneurship. Most projects of this nature are funded under the Democracy Commission and Alumni Outreach Small Grant Programs.
Funding Information

Length of performance period: Up to 12 months
Number of awards anticipated: Up to 10 awards (depending on award budgets)
Award amounts: While the Public Affairs Section will consider proposals up to $50,000, projects that are smaller in scope are more likely to be awarded. Most grants selected are between $5,000 and $25,000.
Total available funding: Up to $150,000
Activities that are typically funded include, but are not limited to:

Bringing an American expert speaker or performer to Armenia;
Conferences on American themes or issues of mutual interest;
Exhibitions of works by Americans or on American themes;
Youth empowerment, leadership, and education programs;
Cultural programs, and particularly those that target underserved communities;
Radio, television, and social media programming in support of the above four objectives;
Exchange programs that support reconciliation with neighboring countries.
Activities that are not typically funded include, but are not limited to:

Ongoing salary costs;
Paying to complete activities initiated with other funds;
Projects that are inherently political in nature or that contain the appearance of partisanship/support to individual or single party electoral campaigns;
Charitable or development activities;
Construction programs;
Projects that support specific religious activities;
Lobbying for specific legislation or programs;
Scientific research;
Fundraising campaigns;
Commercial projects;
Trade activities;
Projects aimed primarily at the institutional development of the organization; and
Programs that duplicate existing programs.
Eligibility Criteria

U.S. Embassy Yerevan encourages applications from all sectors: committed and organized civil-society organizations, local representatives of civil society, think tanks, non-governmental organizations, and individuals. Most selected proposals will be from those registered and performing in Armenia. However, a limited number of proposals from U.S.-based organizations will be considered. For-profit or commercial entities are not eligible to apply.

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