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Open Grant Call for Belgian and Dutch Journalists

Open Grant Call for Belgian and Dutch Journalists

Deadline: 1-Dec-21 has announced a call for proposals for Belgian and Dutch Journalists.

In this pilot version, teams of investigative journalists from the Netherlands AND Belgium who have good ideas for a cross-border local investigation in the region are involved. If relevant to the story, team members from elsewhere may also be accepted.

Grant types
The Pascal Decroos Fund has three types of grants:

Investigative Journalism: A working grant for investigative journalism allows the applicant to concentrate on one particular topic for a longer period of time.
In-Depth Journalism: The projects must go beyond regular reporting, daily journalism or correspondence. The subject or theme must be special, or else the approach or angle.
Preliminary Research: When it is not clear whether the inquiries will yield the expected results, it is possible to apply for a grant to cover the expenses of the preliminary research.
Funding Information
For this round, € 52,000 is available. The funds come from the Flemish Government (Department of Culture, Youth and Media)
Eligibility Criteria
Teams of at least one journalist from Belgium and one from the Netherlands are eligible.
If relevant to the story, team members from elsewhere may also be accepted.
Both beginning (starters) and experienced journalist (seniors) can submit a project that cannot be realised through the normal channels of journalism, that has major news value and depth and that is also original, innovative and time-consuming.
The applicant must be a journalist (written or audio-visual press), or be able to prove that he/she is aspiring to a career in journalism. Personal references and/or references to earlier work are essential in that respect.
Only natural persons can apply for a grant.
Projects with regard to investigative and special journalism must deal with topics that are relevant for Flanders.
The project must be published in a Dutch-language medium in Belgium. A letter of intent for publication from at least one professional news outlet is required for journalists with more than 2 years of experience. For starters this is considered a plus.
All journalistic end products qualify for a grant: newspaper and magazine articles, radio and television documentaries and series, photo-reportages and books, podcasts and journalistic non-fiction books.
Scientific theme
Added value compared to mainstream coverage / a forgotten story
Relevance in society
Originality and innovative methods
Experience of the applicants, references
The applications are assessed by an independent jury of four people with ample experience in investigative journalism. The jury members are chosen by They remain anonymous until they leave the jury.
You can find an overview of previous jury members here.
Both and the jury are bound to strict confidentiality – before, during and after evaluation of the proposals.
The jury will decide on journalistic criteria
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