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Norwegian Fund for Human Rights announces Call for Proposals in Colombia

Norwegian Fund for Human Rights announces Call for Proposals in Colombia

Deadline: 29-Oct-20

The Norwegian Fund for Human Rights (NHRF) is inviting applications from Colombian Civil Society Organizations working on the following thematic lines:

Seed Grants
Peacebuilding, work against impunity and for access to justice for victims of human rights violations and breaches of International Humanitarian Law (IHL).
Strengthening of the rights to land, territory and environmental protection.
Strengthening of guarantees for the defence of human rights and environmental rights.
Contribution to gender equality, participation and empowerment of women as actors of peace, and the effective fulfilment of their rights.
The NHRF shall be a flexible, courageous and global actor that provides direct support to local organisations working for the rights of vulnerable and marginalised individuals and groups. The NHRF prioritises initiatives where affected communities and people on the ground mobilise and take the lead in the struggle for their rights.


The FNDH intends to contribute to the strengthening of peacebuilding, the fight against impunity and access to justice for victims of human rights violations and breaches of IHL.
The goal of the FNDH is to contribute to the strengthening of guarantees for the defence of human and environmental rights.
Work to provide assistance and support for the protection of defenders and communities, including needs exacerbated by the pandemic.
The FNDH also aims to contribute to gender equality, the participation and empowerment of women as actors of peace and the effective enjoyment of their rights.
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Resources: COP 50,000,000 to 200,000,000.
Up to 200,000,000 COP (per year) can be requested depending on the size and capacity of the organization.
Project duration:

The duration of the project is one year (12 months), with the possibility of an extension of 2 more years.
Eligibility Criteria

Minimum requirements:
Be a Colombian non-profit organization;
Have a legal existence of at least 2 years or have a fiscal sponsor with 5 years of legal existence;
Documented experience in work related to the Fund’s work areas;
For institutional support, the organization must additionally have a strategic plan of the organization with at least one year of implementation remaining at the time of approval of the proposal. (For this type of support, the entire operation and objectives of the organization must fit within the strategic objectives of the FNDH, and its organizational capacity must be strong).
Unfortunately, the FNDH cannot support organizations that have ongoing projects with the fund at the time that this new support should begin (January 2020).
Priority will be given to organizations that meet the following criteria:
Organizations with strong female leadership (for example, organizations led by women and/or organizations with women in leadership positions (not just administrative).
Organizations led by the target group or that have a strong link with the community (local anchor) and have special competence in the thematic area of interest.
Organizations that adopt an inclusive approach, for example, gender, ethnic and people with disabilities.
For more information, visit https://bit.ly/2Ipj9ey

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