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NOFO: USAID Expanding Water and Sanitation Project (Zambia)

NOFO: USAID Expanding Water and Sanitation Project (Zambia)

Deadline: 19-Oct-22

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) invites applications from Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to implement Water and Sanitation (WASH) activities that focus on community mobilization and sensitization.

The proposed project must be within the framework of the following objectives below and conform to overall USAID Expanding WASH objective.

The three objectives for the project are:

Institutionalize market-based WASH service delivery, with financially sustainable and inclusive management models.
Increase the accountability of WASH service providers, policymakers, and civic leaders.
Improve Citizens’ Capacity to Hold WASH Service Providers, Policymakers, and Civic Leaders Accountable for Quality Service Delivery.
Deploy Rigorous and User-Friendly Local Governance Tools
Increase private sector participation (PSP).
The USAID Expanding Water and Sanitation Project (USAID Expanding WASH) is a 5-year, contract between the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and RTII, a nonprofit research and international development institute. USAID Expanding WASH supports the professionalization of WASH services, increasing private sector engagement in service delivery and improving accountability between citizens, service providers, and policymakers to sustain reliable, high-quality WASH services.

Funding Information
Any grant awarded under this RFA shall fall within the following minimum and maximum grant ceilings for the maximum period of 15months:

Minimum amount: USD 30,000
Maximum amount: USD 150,000

These WASH awareness campaigns shall include:

Health education with regards to access to Sanitation (both safe and basic)
Health education as it relates to accessing Water supply and water handling at household level
Advocacy for improved WASH service delivery
Social accountability of service providers, consumers, and government
Advocacy for social inclusion of vulnerable groups (women, youth, the disabled, the aged and the economically vulnerable) in the management of WASH service delivery mechanisms.
Capacity building of locally based emerging CSOs to sustainably implement community mobilization for WASH and facilitate citizens demand for social accountability from service providers and policymakers.
Geographic Focus
The grants under USAID Expanding WASH will support organizations to implement activities in any four districts in the target provinces of Zambia: Kalabo, Kaoma, Mongu Nalolo and Sesheke in Western, Chinsali, Mpika and Nakonde in Muchinga, Kalomo and Kanzungula in Southern and Lute, and Mungwi in Norther

Target Audience & Coverage
This WASH awareness campaign will target all demographics – women, children, youth, men, the aged, the disabled and the economically vulnerable – utilizing or benefiting from WASH services in one way or another in the target districts.

The outcome of this will deliver:

Increased access to safe drinking water by 15% over the baseline value in Lunte and Mungwi districts in Northern Province; Kalomo and Kazungula in Southern Province; and Nakonde in Muchinga Province,
Increase access to basic sanitation by 25% over the baseline value in Nalolo, Kalabo, Sesheke, Mongu, and Kaoma districts in Western Province; and Chinsali and Mpika in Muchinga Province through effective partnerships via mobilized private sector and GRZ partners and improve capacity for 150 organizations.
Eligibility Criteria
This RFA is targeted at civil society organisations and NGOs) having presence in the provinces which are target districts. All qualified organizations have a fair opportunity to submit applications for funding. Organizations legally restricted from receiving US Government funded assistance will not be considered. Thus, applicants should:

Be legally recognized and registered organisation. Current and updated registration documents and statutes must be submitted.
Demonstrate experience undertaking WASH activities (participation in commemoration of WASH days or health days or health campaigns)
Demonstrate experience in mass education approaches and awareness campaigns
Have been active for the last 12 Months
Be directly responsible for preparation and management of the project, not acting as an intermediary or consultant.
Not be affiliated with a political party nor engaged in any political activities.
Guiding Policies and Procedures
All grants to be awarded under USAID Expanding WASH will be governed by RTII’s policies and procedures on grant administration and in compliance with USAID’s policies and procedures.
RTII strongly encourages women participation on project teams, and these will be considered favourably.
By way of responding to this RFA, applicants confirm their willingness to; –
Comply with all technical and financial requirements for participation in the program, including reporting and documentation of project activities, and
To participate in assessments, trainings, workshops, or other activities considered important for achieving project goals.
For more information, visit https://www.rti.org/sites/default/files/usaid_expandingwash_rfa-19_sept_-_final-usaid_approved.pdf

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