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Nigeria-UK PACT to support Implementation of Nationally Determined Contribution

Nigeria-UK PACT to support Implementation of Nationally Determined Contribution

Deadline: 2-Nov-21

UK PACT is partnering with Nigeria to support the implementation of its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and deliver ambitious action on climate mitigation.

The UK PACT is looking for innovative ideas that address specific low-carbon mitigation challenges, show measurable results, promote social inclusion, and inspire future actions to increase climate ambition at scale while supporting countries to rebuild their economies after COVID-19.

Focus Areas
The focus areas of Nigeria-UK PACT have been selected to complement the mitigation targets of Nigeria’s recent NDC and fund projects that will have a significant impact on high-priority sectors for Nigeria’s low-carbon transition. For this application round, Nigeria-UK PACT is looking for projects that propose innovative ways to accelerate energy efficiency and encourage nature-based solutions.

Accelerating energy efficiency: As Nigeria becomes more prosperous and its population grows, more housing and home products will be needed. Projects responding to this focus area will help enable the financing and adoption of healthier, more energy efficient and sustainable buildings and appliances by boosting knowledge, awareness and expertise amongst key stakeholders at national and sub-national level.
Nature-based solutions: This is another priority area in Nigeria’s NDC, with agriculture, forestry and land-use accounting for about 25% of total emissions. Projects in this area will help accelerate the adoption of sustainable land management practices that have a climate mitigation impact.
Achieving Climate Mitigation with Capacity Building

UK PACT wants to receive applications for capacity-building projects that focus on climate mitigation and emissions reductions. Capacity-building projects may include outputs such as:

Training of key decision makers
Recommendations for action to tackle climate change or reduce emissions
Creation of new communications products and dissemination of knowledge products
The establishment or strengthening of partnerships or networks between key stakeholders
Funding Information
The programme will award up to £3.75 million to projects that use technical assistance to improve key capabilities, helping Nigeria to accelerate its low-carbon transition and maximise emissions reductions.
Each project has the potential to be awarded up to £1 million per annum and will receive funding for at least 12 months.
Eligibility Criteria
UK PACT welcomes applications from a wide variety of groups, including think tanks, consultancies, academic institutions, community organisations, NGOs, professional associations, or any similar bodies that have the knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver an eligible technical assistance project.
Applications are particularly welcomed from those organisations that have a track record of contributing to emissions reductions in Nigeria by delivering technical assistance and have experience in working with the Nigerian government.
Applications are open to international and local non-governmental organisations (NGOs), civil society organisations, research institutes and private sector companies.
For more information, visit https://www.ukpact.co.uk/country-programme/nigeria

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