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Nigeria: Grants to Increase the Participation of Women in Electoral Process

Nigeria: Grants to Increase the Participation of Women in Electoral Process

Deadline: 24-May-22

UN Women is offering grants to increase the participation of women in the electoral process of Ekiti State as candidates and voters.

UN Women in Nigeria is working to contribute to country-level efforts to boost women’s political participation, including through the reduction of electoral violence against women. Through its active support and networking with women’s organizations and women political leaders, UN Women will capitalize community strategy and mechanisms to boost electoral violence reduction systems, women-focused voter sensitization and elections monitoring and evaluation in Ekiti State. UN Women will also work to strengthen the capacity of women organizations to tackle electoral violence through awareness campaigns, community-based monitoring mechanisms, and capacity building key relevant actors.

Establishment of community platforms to support sensitization and education for women’s active participation
Sensitization campaigns for communities, youth and women groups to create understanding of election related violence and their role in preventing it
Monitoring of electoral processes and providing timely and adequate feedbacks on elections processes and violence in elections with special focus on violence against women in elections.
Funding Information & Duration
The budget range for this proposal should be 11-12 million Naira.
The project implementation is expected to start as soon as possible upon signing of the Project Partner Cooperation Agreements (PCA) for a period up to 5 weeks. The Project will start on May 23, 2022, to June 30, 2022.
Training of 30 women CSOs/CBOs each from the 30 local government agencies to enable them to understand their rights, elections monitoring, VAWE, the roles and responsibilities of EMBs, their own roles in ensuring free, fair and peaceful elections etc.
Training of 20 media practitioners in Gender Sensitive and Responsible Reporting as part of media engagements and awareness raising sessions.
Interface with leadership of political parties and high-profile political leaders in the state to advocate for more support to strengthen the Women’s Situation Room for peaceful elections.
Set up of physical Women’s Situation room to monitor and provide feedback on elections.
Deployment of monitors, mostly young women and youth to monitor incidents and day-to-day prior to, during and in the post-election period.
Collection and collation of data, reporting and documentation.
Train security officers on the prevention and response to electoral violence against women.
Recommend and implement preventive measures for the protection of candidates and voters, with a focus on community-based early warning mechanisms.
Establish a Network of all actors in WPE in Ekiti state.
Support young women to play a key role in the 2022 elections as observers and operators of activities and mechanisms to mitigate incidences of violence against women during elections.
Organizational Competencies
Must be Legally registered non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Nigeria with a proven track record in promoting women’s participation, and women’s human rights, and empowerment of women.
Must have strong track record in understanding the specific local context in the areas of targeted location
At least 5 years of operation with minimum 3 years of specific experiences working to promote GEWE.
Demonstrated a strong track record in development of tools and guidelines that will be applicable for the assignment
Strong experience in programme management and implementation particularly on elections, capacity-building of women’s leadership, law enforcement agents (Police, Civil Defence corps, etc.).
Experience in working with EMB (INEC), law enforcement and legislation on GEWE,
Demonstrated experience in working at community level and coordination with formal and informal justice system, including women networks system
Proven organizational experience in working with networks of relevant civil society organisations, local and national government agencies, including key local stakeholders in Ekiti State.
Proven experience in integrating gender equality and political participation and representation; including proven experience integrating gender equality and electoral cycle, women’s political participation, and gender based electoral violence mitigation
Team Leader, the overall team leader should have:
Master’s degree (or equivalent) in International Development Studies, Social Sciences, Politics, Law, Human Rights, Gender, Women Studies, Economics, Monitoring, and Evaluation or related field. A PHD is an added advantage
Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience on elections, women’s rights, gender equality, women’s political participation
Substantive experience in managing and implementing similar projects with a strong gender focus on the Women Situation Room is preferred.
Proven experience in producing coherent, clear analytic reports and knowledge products.
Excellent communication skills and fluent in English and other local languages, yoruba, Nigeria.
Nigeria nationality.
Team members, facilitators, and other members will be assessed on the following:
Bachelor’s degree in International Development Studies, Social Sciences, Politics, Law, Human Rights, Gender, Women Studies, Economics, Monitoring, and Evaluation or related field is preferred. WAEC/ NECO school graduation is required as a minimum for team members.
Experience in working with civil society and community-based organisations, including project/programme management
Professional experience in the area of women’s empowerment, promoting local/community-owned initiative to advance gender equality and empowerment of women and girls
Experience working in promoting peaceful and resilient communities is desirable
Fluent in English and other dialects as relevant in English and other local languages/ dialects in the state of implementation as relevant
Nigeria nationality.
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