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NCBA CLUSA recruits 01 Government and Private Sector Adviser

NCBA CLUSA recruits 01 Government and Private Sector Adviser


The GAIN/Johns Hopkins food systems dashboard aims to provide data and decision-making guidance for policymakers who are able to strengthen the enabling environment for nutrition within food systems. As part of this process, we will explore how key stakeholders identify and prioritize policy actions, what data they use, and what information gaps they have identified. Additionally, we will engage a cadre if multisector stakeholders to test the usability of the GAIN/JHU dashboard including its usefulness for informing advocacy and policy work.

To achieve this, a workshop will be held with officials from national statistical agencies, national and international research organizations, and other relevant government ministries in Senegal, relevant business leaders (e.g., upper-level management of large- and medium-scale food enterprises), civil society stakeholders (e.g., NGO directors and program staff, farmer associations, consumer advocacy groups), and academics (e.g., professors at national universities) to engage them in a dialogue on the food systems dashboard.

Following this dialog, a detailed interview will be conducted with some of the stakeholders who participated in the workshop soliciting their feedback on their use of the Dashboard and gathering their reflections to understand: 1) the potential value of the Dashboard for informing their work and decision making; 2) which decisions, questions, and/or challenges they face in their work that the Dashboard might inform; 3) if and how the stakeholder would use the Dashboard; and 4) how they would suggest adapting and/or improving it.



  1. To solicit feedback on the draft Dashboard from policy makers, business leaders, UN, USAID Missions, iNGO and CSOs, private sector, civil society and other decision makers and practitioners in Senegal.
  2. To define next steps for Senegal to make the Dashboard a more useful policy tool for them

Scope of Work

This position for Government and Private Sector Adviser will be a key team member and work in close collaboration with the Learning Adviser to achieve goals and objectives. Both positions will operate with oversight from the USAID Advancing Nutrition Activity Manager (Gina Kennedy) and additional staff from GAIN or JHU as necessary. The scope of this work is:

  1. Work with Learning Adviser to recruit co-facilitators to lead an in-person workshop. These individuals will receive a remote training from GAIN/JHU on the dashboard to enable them to facilitate the workshop for participants. If simultaneous interpretation is needed for these this training, this should also be arranged.
  2. Lead efforts, with support from the Learning Adviser, to promote and socialize the Food System Dashboard and workshop event, identify key stakeholders in collaboration with USAID and USAID Advancing Nutrition, to attend the in-person workshop, send out invitations, and follow up with participants to ensure attendance.
  3. Work with Learning Advisor logistical support for the in-person workshop, including venue rental, food or refreshments, and printing of workshop materials. The workshop must comply with public health best practices as well as local Government orders regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, the consultant will arrange to hire an interpreter(s) who will provide simultaneous translation (French to English and English to French) for USAID Advancing Nutrition staff remotely participating in the workshop.
  4. During workshop event act as lead facilitator, with support from Learning Adviser,  to manage co-facilitators, answer questions, help with tech issues, support group work, relay participant feedback to organizers, take notes on in-room interactions and document (via photo, screenshot, or notes) outputs, take photos during event, including a safely distanced all-group photo, and collect contact information for all attendees. All this information and other inputs as necessary, will be shared with the GAIN team to facilitate the synthesis and drafting of report on the workshop.
  5. Following the workshop, in collaboration with the Learning Adviser, facilitate an “after action” survey of select workshop participants to solicit additional feedback and reflections, particularly focused on whether and how they have been able to use the Dashboard in their work.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintain clear communication with Learning advisor and international support team
  • Participate in regular update meetings with international support team as needed
  • Keep an open mind and flexibility to adapt to changing guidance on COVID with creative approaches to stakeholder engagement

Period of Performance

Work under this Scope of Work will begin in September 14, 2020 and end December 31, 2020, with an estimated 18 days Level of Effort within that period. The period of performance extends beyond the date of the final deliverable to account for any COVID related delays.


  • Experience with food system policies and programs for safe, nutritious diets
  • Substantial experience in soliciting feedback to assess the usability and appropriateness of a technology platform
  • Demonstrated capacity in food systems research including data collection (interviews, focus groups, surveys), analysis, and dissemination.
  • Experience facilitating workshops and engaging with participants on data mainstreaming topics, food system data a plus.
  • Demonstrated capacity convening a multisector group of high-level stakeholders.
  • Strong communication skills, including facilitation (interviews, focus groups), written and oral communication.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including collaboration, and ability to probe deep insights from key informants
  • Cultural sensitivity, particularly in multisector contexts to encourage systems thought.
  • Fluency in English and French required. Fluency in Wolof a plus
  • Established relationships with key business leaders, civil society members, and individuals within various ministries of the Government of Senegal whose decisions may impact the food system policy of Senegal.

Proposal Requirements

  1. Cover letter highlighting experience working with key food systems stakeholders. Please include proposed consultant daily rate (2 pages maximum).
  2. Resume or CV highlighting relevant experience for proposed consultant (no page limit).
  3. List of at least three references, including contact information (1-page maximum).

Interested offers should submit the listed proposal requirements to the NCBA CLUSA Career Page by September 11, 2020. 

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