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MSE Charity seeking Proposals for Building & Developing Resilience

MSE Charity seeking Proposals for Building & Developing Resilience


The MSE Charity is seeking Proposals for the Building & Developing Resilience to support people who in the current Covid-19 pandemic need the most help now, to build and develop financial resilience.

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The MSE Charity is dedicated to supporting UK voluntary groups to deliver financial life skills, which make a lasting impact on the way people think, behave & manage their money.

Funding Information

MSE Charity has a limit of £7,500 per application. If the total cost of the project is over £7,500 please state which budget item/s you would like to support.
What are the project and beneficiary Outcomes?

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Outcomes are the changes, benefits, learning, or other impacts that happen as a result of services and activities provided.
Beneficiary Outcomes could be quantified by the number or percentage of beneficiaries you anticipate will realize some degree of change, benefit, or impact.
Project Outcomes could relate to the impact on other workstreams or the organization’s capacity to provide evidence for future service delivery or upskilling volunteers for example.

50 young people to immediately apply their learning in a practical way, as a result, people will report self-pride and greater confidence about managing money.
90% of attendants will be able to manage their food budgets more wisely.
70% of people attending will demonstrate improved communication about financial matters.
Participants on the training course will discuss their learning at home with their families; they are keen to pass on learning.
25 participants will report improvement in emotional wellbeing around money and its wider impact;
10 Volunteers will report being more confident about helping with financial learning and be better prepared to deliver services in the future.
4 community partner organizations will report improved awareness of the financial needs of people with mental health issues.
Eligibility Criteria

MSE Charity can make grants to organizations that must be either the UK registered charity, community interest company, credit union, or a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee or social enterprise company.
Community interest companies and social enterprise organizations must have a governing document that shows the name, aim/purpose, objects of the group, including a dissolution clause (what happens if your group stops operating). This clause should show that you are a not-for-profit group by confirming that any assets remaining after all debts are paid will be given to another voluntary group with similar aims. This document should also include details of your Trustees or management committee.
Statutory organizations are excluded from applying for funding.
For more information, visit https://www.msecharity.com/how-to-apply/grant-themes


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