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Movement Building Grant Program in Fiji

Movement Building Grant Program in Fiji

Deadline: 30-Jun-22

The Women’s Fund Fiji is seeking applications for its Movement Building Grant Program to support the organisation and participation in movement building activities that will contribute towards achieving gender equality.

Grants will be available to women’s groups and organisations that are willing to:

Organise an event that contributes towards movement-building for gender equality.
Participate in a local, regional, or international event that enhances their ability to achieve long-term goals of their group or organisation.
Access resources as a group or for the capacity support of an individual member of their organisation. The group or organisation will have to demonstrate how their participation will directly impact the promotion of gender equality by their organisation. These activities should contribute towards key national, regional and international convening’s for example Commission on the Status of Women, Beijing+25, Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat Leaders meetings.
Funding Information
Maximum funding of FJD 100,000 per year.
Their grants can be used for general support and/or projects for a period of 12- 24 months and are open to renewal/extension upon request.
Eligibility Criteria
The minimum eligibility criteria for Fiji based women’s groups, organisations or networks include:
must be governed and led by women, with women filling the majority of leadership positions (including equality of financial control mechanisms);
have a clear commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment;
come from or have reach to remote, rural, or other marginalised groups;
be open to working with diverse groups and issues regardless of ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, people living with disability; and
have worked as a group for at least one year.
Other eligibility criteria include:
self-identification i.e. they identify as women’s groups, networks or organisations;
ability to manage funding and other support – either directly or through relationship to a third party. Direct grants will require an independent bank account controlled by women;
willingness and availability to participate in evaluation and training activities as appropriate to the size and type of grant; and
Promotes diverse women’s rights as their primary mission. (Consideration will be given to organisations that do not specifically focus on gender but have women focused projects.
Unfortunately, Women’s Fund Fiji only accepts applications submitted by women’s organisations or groups or collectives based in Fiji. They do not accept requests from individuals and do not fund projects proposed by or for the benefit of individuals (including scholarships) and private owned businesses.
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