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Mesoamerican Reef Fund: Reef Rescue Initiative

Mesoamerican Reef Fund: Reef Rescue Initiative

Deadline: 28-Sep-22

The German Cooperation through KfW, the Mesoamerican Reef Fund (MAR Fund) and the Central American Commission for Environment and Development (CCAD) are pleased to announce the sixth request for proposals of the Reef Rescue Initiative (RRI) to Support and strengthen science-based restoration, repopulation and rehabilitation of coral reefs in the MAR region.

  • Support activities and actions to strengthen the resilience of protected areas, coastal communities and NGOs that work on coral reef restoration in combination with or in areas that are simultaneously working to address threats to coral reefs (e.g. overfishing, wastewater management, others).
  • Promote and contribute new techniques for restoration, repopulation and rehabilitation of coral reefs in the MAR region in areas that are simultaneously working to address threats to coral reefs, with the intention of increasing the probability of survival of coral reefs.
  • Promote coral restoration projects that promote productive activities or new markets.
  • Promote strategies to prevent and address the Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD).
Funding Information
  • The proposals to be presented may have duration of up to 24 months. The maximum grant amount is US$33,000, based on project needs and capacity of the implementing institution.
  • For this RfP, at least 25% of the total budget must come from other sources, as a match to the requested funds.
  • The maximum amount allowed for administration expenses cannot exceed 10% of the total amount requested. Administration expenses refer exclusively to the fixed operating costs of the organization.
Geographic Areas

This request for proposals is not restricted to protected areas. All coral reefs within the MAR region are eligible. Proposals must clearly justify the site where activities will take place, for the benefit of the Mesoamerican Reef system.

Eligibility Criteria

The following list includes eligible applicants for this request for proposals:

  • Community-based organizations, including fisher groups
  • Governmental institutions
  • Non-governmental organizations and
  • Academia and Individuals (both must have administrative support from an NGO, who shall be responsible for the grant).
  • Potential grantee organizations must be:
    • Legally recognized or registered in their country;
    • In compliance and good standing with all requirements for operation as a legal local entity;
    • Guided by an operational Board of Directors;
    • Have a sound financial management system and structure in place (accounting, annual audits, etc.);
    • Have a good history as a grantee (i.e. effective grant/project implementation), and
    • Have experience in the field of marine resources management.
  • Organizations must have their headquarters established in any one of the four countries of the MAR region to be eligible.
  • Community organizations may be supported directly, or indirectly through an NGO, as long as there is an agreement between the two that demonstrates that the community organization is an active participant in the project.
  • To maximize available resources, proposals involving duplication of funds/efforts funded by other MAR Fund initiatives or programs will not be considered.
  • All supported organizations must implement and monitor MAR Fund’s Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) throughout project execution. If the organization already has its own policies or procedures, these may be applied if they cover the requirements of the MAR Fund ESMS.

The following criteria will be applied in the revision and selection of proposals. Some projects may not comply with all the conditions. Projects should:

  • Demonstrate measurable results on progress of at least one of the stated RfP objectives;
  • Coordinate their implementation across multiple stakeholders;
  • Have transferable or replicable outcomes for other communities/protected areas;
  • Strengthen local management capacity of professionals and institutions;
  • Contribute to strengthening of local capacities;
  • Engage the MPAs of interest, and be aligned with their management plans and with the institutional priorities of the protected area managers;
  • Create a new source of financing to reduce the financial gap of the protected area in which you will work (if applicable);
  • Align with national, regional or global strategies, plans or policies;
  • Align with ridge-to-reef strategies;
  • Have activities that are closely aligned with the applicant organization’s mission and/or are otherwise sustainable beyond the project period;
  • Build on current work in the area or successful model projects in the region;
  • Demonstrate community participation in the proposed activities;
  • Promote collective and/or community resilience
  • Create a new source of funding for reef restoration in the region (specifically for RA projects), and
  • Generate transferable results to sites with potential for reef restoration (specifically for RA projects).

For more information, visit https://marfund.org/en/request-for-proposals-2022/

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