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MCF Youth Resilience Grants in the United States

MCF Youth Resilience Grants in the United States

Deadline: 30-Sep-21

The Montrose Community Foundation (MCF) is offering Youth Resilience Grants to support organizations with programs benefiting Montrose and Ouray counties.

Purpose: Adolescence can be a very happy and exciting developmental period. But it can also have its share of stress. The stress that youth experience, like the stress that individuals experience at any stage of development, is caused by the pressures (stressors) that are placed on them and can come from many sources:

typical events and life changes (e.g., taking a drivers exam or physical changes)
unexpected events (e.g., parents divorcing or being in a car accident)
individual factors (e.g., substance abuse or the youth’s trauma history)
interpersonal factors (e.g., bullying at school, relationship problems or feelings of loneliness and isolation)
community, societal or environmental conditions (e.g., school violence, racism, homophobia or being placed in foster care)
Funding Information

Grant amounts will be from $500-$5,000.

Youth Resilience Grants will support projects or programs that address one or more of the following:

Coping, confidence-building, and self-regulation skills for youth K-12.
Leadership or emotional development for youth K-12 through outdoor activities.
Developing and increasing self-regulation and other strategies to deal with challenging and difficult situations.
Eligible projects could be youth mentoring and tutoring programs that include the specific skill development.
Eligibility Criteria

Organizations should be a registered 501 (c) 3 or have a current fiscal sponsor. If not a 501 (c) 3, please be prepared to describe your charitable or tax exemption status. The MCF can give to an organization that does not have the IRS tax status, but the project MUST be charitable.
Must benefit youth (K-12) from Montrose and Ouray Counties including the West End of Montrose County.
Project or program must include some outdoor activity or experience in order to be eligible for a grant.

The following criteria are used in the evaluation of grant requests:

The organization shows that they have a clear understanding of their mission and an alignment with how their programs/services fill a demonstrated need in the area.
The organization demonstrates that they work closely with or their programs include involvement and mutual support from other agencies/organizations within the community – collaboration is highly encouraged.
Project clearly promotes youth resilience through leadership development, coping, self-confidence building or self-regulation skills.
Financials/budget for the organization/project are/is complete.
The organization and/or project/program will serve a group of people that could be considered “at risk”, underserved or the neediest portion of the population.
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