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Mama Cash’s Spark Grant to Support Up-And-Coming Feminist Activism in the Netherlands

Mama Cash’s Spark Grant to Support Up-And-Coming Feminist Activism in the Netherlands

Deadline: 16 December 2019

Are you an activist in the Netherlands? Are you part of a group of girls, women, trans or intersex people? Are you doing work that changes the world? And do you need funding for your work? If yes, then apply for the Spark grant.

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Mama Cash supports up-and-coming feminist activism in the Netherlands with small grants. These grants, from Mama Cash’s Spark Portfolio, are intended to strengthen the bold work of marginalized communities in the Netherlands working on the rights of women, girls, trans and intersex people living in the Netherlands.

Grant Information

The grants range from €500 to €2000 per project.

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Selection Criteria

The Spark Portfolio Grants Selection Criteria:

  • Groups led by women, girls, trans people and intersex people. Those whose rights are concerned are the decision makers in the project.
    • Example: If a group is working on trans rights, it should be trans people deciding about the groups’ activities and how their money should be spent. The spokespersons for the group should be trans people, as well as those being paid. Non- trans people can also work for the group in different capacities providing they are not the ones leading it.
  • Groups working from a feminist and/or women’s, girls, trans and intersex rights perspective.
    • Example: A project proposed to work on issues of women and housing puts the particular experiences of women at the core of its work. The group identifies the particular barriers women face in accessing decent and affordable housing. They also speak to the challenges of different groups of women (e.g. urban women and rural women) in accessing housing. The experiences of women and the issues they face are at the core of the project, rather than included as one of many elements of the project, and the solution they propose reflects this.
  • Working on contested and urgent political issues in the Netherlands.
    • Example: A group of Muslim women organise for their rights and try to make their concerns heard in an environment where wearing a hijab, niqab, or similar covering is contested by both state bodies and members of the public.
  • Working on structural and systemic change.
    • Example: A migrant women’s group provides shelter services to other migrant women in order to respond to their immediate needs in the short-term. But the group also works to tackle the fundamental barriers to accessing such services so that other migrant women they can’t or don’t reach can also benefit in the longer-term.

In addition, the Spark Portfolio will prioritise:

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  • Non-formalised/non-registered, nascent groups with a budget below €30,000 per year, and have limited resources (e.g. no paid staff, no office space, etc.)

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