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L’UNHCR hires 01 Developer

L’UNHCR hires 01 Developer Local – Specialist ICA, Level LICA 5 level 2
Localisation Dakar / Sénégal
Expiration 15 Juin 2017
Description de l’offre
1. General Background

(Brief description of the national, sector-specific or other relevant context in which the individual contractor will operate)

IMRS / DPSM has shown interest in the Compass project, a workflow management and decision-making application within the registration centers, initiated by RRWA in 2016, which aims to become a standard tool for registration operations. In order to finish the development of additional functionalities. The incumbent of the positions is a member of the Registration team and will be supervised by the Senior Regional Registration Officer.

2. Purpose and Scope of Assignment

(Concise and detailed description of activities, tasks and responsibilities to be undertaken, including expected travel, if applicable)

The Contractor shall be responsible for contributing to the development and improvement of the following functionalities and activities in Compass:

– Data Quality Check; Business rules – hardcoded / operation-related (customizable)

Admin (tables, GUI); show data quality stats; Block/allow process if QC does not pass

– Real time implementation (no reload/refresh from users’ side)

– Operation Interactive Layout (Drag & Drop & more);

Setup and modification of reg centre (desk and posts/users)

Process flow monitoring

– Internationalization (Interface & Referral Reasons’ Labels)

– Import log into proGres

– Users Chat system (last priority) / warning broadcast (e.g. for proGres server log off)

– Statistics on process flow/ data analysis – to be stored and compared

– Documentation (users, admin, catalog, dictionary…)

Definition of final product:

The offices of the region and IMRS / DPSM will have Compass, a flow management tool for recording, auditing, one-stop shops; This tool, coupled with proGres, will improve data quality and protection in line with the UNHCR policy of July 2015. The product will also be available for operations outside the region as a standard tool for UNHCR.:

3. Monitoring and Progress Controls

(Clear description of measurable outputs, milestones, key performance indicators and/or reporting requirements which will enable performance monitoring)

Work at the office with daily meetings to measure progress, test the modules developed and validate the changes as and when they occur. 17050


4. Qualifications and Experience

(List the required education, work experience, expertise and competencies of the individual contractor. The listed education and experience should correspond with the level at which the contract is offered.)

a. Education (Level and area of required and/or preferred education)

Completion of Secondary School or equivalent technical school with formal training and certification on relevant Computer Sciences or related fields.

b. Work Experience

(List number of years and area of required work experience. Clearly distinguish between required experience and experience which could be an asset.)

Minimum 2 years of relevant professional job experience.

Fluency in French and working knowledge of English

c. Key Competencies

(Technical knowledge, skills, managerial competencies or other personal competencies relevant to the performance of the assignment. Clearly distinguish between required and desired competencies)

Programming Experience

Proficiency in programming languages of proGres Lite (html; CSS, ASP .NET); Knowledge of SQL, JQuery; Knowledge of proGres Lite and proGres would be an asset

Ability to work as a team


Fluent English would be an asset

– Please send your CV and covering letter by the 15 June 2017 to the following email:
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