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LIFE: Seeking Proposals for Action Grants to finance “Integrated Projects”

LIFE: Seeking Proposals for Action Grants to finance “Integrated Projects”

Deadline: 5 September 2018

LIFE is seeking proposals for its Action Grants to finance “Integrated Projects” under the LIFE sub-programmes for Environment and Climate Action.

Integrated Projects are projects implementing on a large territorial scale, in particular, regional, multi-regional, national or trans-national scale, environmental or climate plans or strategies required by specific Union environmental or climate legislation, developed pursuant to other Union acts or developed by Member States’ authorities, while ensuring involvement of stakeholders and promoting the coordination with and mobilisation of at least one other relevant Union, national or private funding source.

LIFE projects shall in general take place in the territory of the European Union Member States. The LIFE Programme may also finance activities outside the EU and in overseas countries and territories (OCTs), provided that the coordinating beneficiary is based in the EU and strong evidence is provided that the activities to be carried out outside the EU are necessary to achieve EU environmental / climate objectives and to ensure the effectiveness of interventions carried out in the Member State territories to which the Treaties apply (e.g. actions supporting migratory birds or actions implemented on a transboundary river).

Funding Information

The total indicative budget available for 2018 call for IPs under the sub-programme for environment is about EUR 94 million and under the subprogramme for climate action it is about EUR 30 million.

Eligibility Criteria

LIFE project proposals may be submitted by any legal person registered in the European Union, in the case of Integrated Projects, it is strongly recommended that the competent authority or entity responsible for the implementation of the plan or strategy targeted by the Integrated Project

How to Apply

Applicants can apply via given website.

For further information, please visit LIFE.

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