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Kodiak Community Foundation Fund in the US

Kodiak Community Foundation Fund in the US

Deadline: 1-Oct-21

Kodiak Community Foundation (KCF), an Affiliate of The Alaska Community Foundation (ACF), is pleased to announce the applications for Kodiak Community Foundation Fund.

Funding Information

Typical Grant Award Range: $500-$2,500.
Eligibility Criteria

Applications will be accepted from qualified, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations (or equivalents, such as Tribal entities, schools, and faith-based organizations) that support charitable organizations and programs on the Kodiak Archipelago.
Grants may support a broad range of community needs, including but not limited to health and wellness, education, the great outdoors, arts and culture, and community development
For more information, visit https://alaskacf.org/blog/funds/kodiak-community-foundation-fund/

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