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Kirkpatrick Foundation seeking Applications for Small & Large Grants (U.S.)

Kirkpatrick Foundation seeking Applications for Small & Large Grants (U.S.)

Deadline: 01-Dec-20

The Kirkpatrick Foundation is seeking applications for its Small and Large grants program.

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Kirkpatrick Foundation, founded by John and Eleanor Kirkpatrick, is a private foundation located in Oklahoma City. Since 1955, the foundation has funded a wide range of endeavors, primarily in the arts, culture, education, animal wellbeing, environmental conservation, and historic preservation.

Kirkpatrick Foundation distributes approximately $3 million annually in grants and charitable activities, and to date has given more than $67 million. Moving forward, It will continue to strengthen and support the institutions that make Oklahoma City a great place to live and work.

The Foundation has long stood as a community partner and major philanthropic backer of Oklahoma City’s cultural, artistic, and educational institutions.

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Its approach to giving is to keep organizational structure simple, to maintain personal involvement with the charities and cultural activities of the community, and to encourage and embrace a large number of charities, rather than supporting only a few.

Grant Categories

Small Grants ($10,000 OR LESS)
Large Grants (OVER $10,000)
Funding Information
The average grant awarded is $25,000 across both small and large grant categories.

Deadline Free Grants
Eligibility Criteria

Grant proposals are considered from eligible organizations who:
Qualify as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization for at least three years
Provide services in one of the following funding categories:
Arts & Culture
Animal Wellbeing
Historic Preservation
Environmental Conservation
Serve Central Oklahoma, primarily the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, Oklahoma County and surrounding counties
Have a working board of directors and demonstrate 100% board member giving.
Ineligible Criteria

The followig cannot apply for the grant:
Non-profits that fall under a different subsection of the IRS code
Lobbying organizations
Medical and/or health-related causes
Social service causes
Athletic programs
Governmental entities
Groups utilizing a fiscal sponsor unless previously approved
Organizations currently funded by the Kirkpatrick Family Fund (excluding endowment matching grants)
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