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KIOS: Call for Human Rights Grant Proposals in Nepal

KIOS: Call for Human Rights Grant Proposals in Nepal

Deadline: 20-Jun-22

KIOS Foundation is opening a call for human rights grant proposals in Nepal.

Thematic Areas
This call for grant proposals is limited in thematic scope. The main focus of the call of proposal should be on:

Promoting and protecting gender equality and combatting discrimination. In particular the rights of women and LGTBIQ individuals and groups which are marginalised or in a vulnerable position.
Promoting and protecting the human right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment. In particular the rights of women, marginalised groups and persons in a vulnerable position facing effects of climate change.
Funding Information & Duration
The number of grants from this call will be around 3-6 and the amount of each grant will be around 20 000-40 000 euros.
The KIOS grants for this call are for a one-year (12 months) action meaning that the budget plan including for implementation, monitoring and reporting of the grant has to be within this 12 months’ timeframe. Applications requesting funding for other periods are not eligible.
Typical activities funded by KIOS include (not an exhaustive list):

Human rights awareness raising to empower and mobilise marginalised and discriminated groups and individuals in society
Capacity building of right holders and duty bearers
Human rights monitoring, documentation and reporting
Human rights campaigning, lobbying and advocacy
Providing legal aid and assistance
Public interest and strategic litigation
Networking locally, nationally, regionally or internationally
Institutional development of the human rights organisation/applicant (such as the safety and security of human rights defenders and their organisation, providing targeted support to staff in building up their human rights expertise, integration of HRBA, developing advocacy strategies and communications, developing and integrating new strategies, leadership skills or project, financial and results management skills)
Please note that providing psychosocial, medical and any other type of support for victims of human rights abuse and violations can be part of the proposed action. However, it should not be the main action.
Who Can Apply?
Eligible applicants
Local civil society organisations, groups and networks working on human rights issues in Nepal.
Organisations that have previously received KIOS funding can apply, but only after the previous KIOS grant has been completed.
Non-eligible applicants
For-profit entities
Religious communities
Political parties
Governmental (whether national or local) bodies
International non-governmental organisations (INGOs)
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