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ISDAO – Love Alliance: Call for Proposals for the 3rd cycle

ISDAO – Love Alliance: Call for Proposals for the 3rd cycle

The Initiative Sankofa d’Afrique de l’Ouest (ISDAO) has launched a Call for Proposals for the 3rd cycle of grants from organizations/groups led by LGBTQI people, people who use drugs, and/or sex workers communities in Burkina Faso and Nigeria.

It is an initiative that aims to strengthen and support a West African movement for gender diversity and sexual rights by taking a flexible approach to grantmaking and developing a culture of philanthropy committed to equality and social justice.

The Love Alliance Partnership is a five-year (2021-2025) initiative to provide country-level grants and movement building in ten (10) countries in West, East, Southern and North Africa. Its overall goal is to ensure that communities of LGBTQI people, sex workers, and people who use drugs are healthy and empowered through a more inclusive and people-centered approach to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). The initiative focuses on strengthening advocacy and building community-led movements in the 10 focus countries, as well as strengthening advocacy at the regional, continental, and global levels.

In West Africa, the initiative is being implemented in Burkina Faso and Nigeria with funding and partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is being coordinated by ISDAO.

ISDAO provides flexible funding to support the overall coordination, operations and strengthening of groups/organizations and the initiatives/projects developed by these groups and organizations.

They stand for the following values:

  • Equitable representation of the LGBTQI community
  • Building and strengthening movements based on ideological principles, based on the recognition of unequal power relations.
  • Autonomy, inclusion, diversity and intersectionality, enabling self-determination at all levels.
Funding Information
  • $10,000 – $50,000 USD (1 year)
  • $20,000 – $100,000 USD (2 years)
  • Duration: 6 months minimum – 2 years maximum
  • Funding can be used to cover advocacy, capacity building, networking events, participation in strategic conferences, emergency funds, programs, and the organization’s basic operational expenses (running costs), to name a few.
Eligibility Criteria
  • ISDAO’s Love Alliance Special Initiative grants are open only to community groups/organizations led by LGBTQI people, people who use drugs and/or sex workers in Burkina Faso and Nigeria.
  • Please read the guidelines below carefully before developing your concept note. They invite you to determine if your group/organization is eligible for the ISDAO Love Alliance Initiative grant by answering the preliminary questions below.
  • If you answered YES to all of the above questions, you are eligible and can proceed with submitting a grant application.
  • If you answered NO to at least one of the above questions, then you are not eligible to apply for this grant from ISDAO.
    • Does your group/organization operate at the community level? – Yes No
    • Does your group/organization work in Burkina Faso or Nigeria? – Yes No
    • Is your group/organization led by LGBTQI people, sex workers, and/or people who use drugs?-Yes No
    • Will your application include LGBTQI people, sex workers, and/or people who use drugs as beneficiaries? -Yes No

For more information, visit ISDAO.

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