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Irving S. Gilmore Foundation Grant Program – US

Irving S. Gilmore Foundation Grant Program – US

Deadline: 3-May-21

The Irving S. Gilmore Foundation is seeking grant applications from Kalamazoo area nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations whose work benefits or will benefit the community.

Funding Information

Requests for $10,000 or less may be submitted at any time.
Eligibility Criteria

The nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations are encouraged to apply.
The Foundation does not make grants to individuals.
The Foundation Trustees will make all decisions regarding the funding of proposals without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, height, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, weight, marital status, genetic information, disability, military status or national origin of the organization’s staff or volunteers.
It is expected that all beneficiaries of funding from the Irving S. Gilmore Foundation will adhere to existing state and federally mandated affirmative action policies.
Submission Requirements

Cover letter: must be on letterhead with name of organization; organization mailing address and phone number; must be signed by both the highest-level board member and executive staff member; dollar amount that is being requested; and timeframe of project.
Current year operating budget with most recent monthly statements
Board roster listing members’ occupations and affiliations
Most recent audit or IRS Form 990
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