Recrutements au Sénégal

IPPFARO recrute 01 Driver/Messenger

IPPFARO recrute 01 Driver/Messenger

Salairexxx/ mois
LocalisationDakar / Sénégal
Expiration30 Avril 2021

Description de l’offre

This position is located in the IPPFARO West Africa Sub-Office. The Driver/Messenger
will report to the Adminitrative and Finance Officer.

– Under the general supervision of the Adminitrative and Finance Officer, the
– Driver/Messenger provides reliable and safe driving services and clerical support,
ensuring high accuracy of work. The Driver/Messenger demonstrates a client-oriented
approach, high sense of responsibility, courtesy, tact and the ability to work with people of
different national, international and cultural backgrounds.
– The Driver/Messenger provides driving services to the Head of the West Africa Sub-Office,
staff in the office, Consultants and Experts and IPPFARO staff on mission. She/he also
provides clerical support services inside and messenger services outside the office.

Driving Functions :
1. Ensures safe driving of the Head of the West Africa Sub-Office; Drives the Head
of the West Africa Sub-Office to meetings and official meetings respecting
protocol rules;

2. Ensures provision of reliable and secure driving services by a) driving vehicles
for the transport of authorized personnel and delivery and collection of mail,
documents and other items b) meeting personnel and visitors at the airport;

3. Perform work related errands as requested such as going to post office twice a
week if necessary
4. Ensures cost-savings through proper use of vehicle through accurate
maintenance of daily vehicle logs, provision of inputs for the preparation of the
vehicle maintenance plans and reports;
5. Ensures proper day-to-day maintenance of the assigned vehicle through timely
minor repairs, arrangements for major repairs, timely changes of oil, check of
tires, brakes, car washing and other duties;
6. Ensures availability of all the required documents/supplies including vehicle
insurance, vehicle logs, ARO directory, map of the city/country, first aid kit, and
necessary spare parts;
7. Ensures that all immediate actions required by rules and regulations are taken in
case of involvement in accidents.
Messenger Functions
1. Ensures prompt and accurate delivery of mails to multilateral, bilateral,
embassies and consular, government and non-governmental
agencies/organizations operating from Nairobi;
2. Delivers documents to the courier companies and other locations as required;
3. Takes care of the Sub-Office documents for protocol clearance, the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs, other government agencies, Embassies and other international
organizations operating from Dakar. Also collects all documents destined to the
4. Assists on clerical work in the office when not performing messenger and driving
functions. Specifically, S/he binds documents destined to the office and other
partners and ensures that documents are well arranged for easy tracking by the
Support Service;
5. Liaise with government agencies, travel agencies and other service providers to
deliver and pick up documents in a timely manner;
6. Expedites functions related to staff visa and customs formalities arrangement
when required Performs any other functions as determined by the Supervisor;
7. Performs other functions as requested by supervisor.
Results expected
1. The key result is accurate, safe and timely execution of the services provided to
the Sub-Office;
2. Timely execution and delivery of task;
Interested individuals should submit an application form in the IPPFARO CV form (attached) and a 1-page cover letter to:
Please note that we will not consider applications that are not done in the requested format.

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