IPPF recruits 01 Head of Strategy and Organizational Development Department

IPPF recruits 01 Head of Strategy and Organizational Development Department

JOB PURPOSE The Head of the Strategy and Organizational Development department responsible for supporting the Regional Director in the development of IPPFAR’s strategies, organizational development and policies related to IPPF member associations and collaborative partners. The Head of the Strategy and Organizational Development department t serves as the chief advisor to the Regional Director on organisational strategy, development, operational policy, and organisational performance matters. The postholderleads change management, the implementation of the IPPF reform and its related programs. 2. KEY TASKS. PERSON SPECIFICATION Under the general supervision of Regional Director, the Head of the Strategy and Organizational Development department is responsible for leading and coordinating the development of strategic plans, organisational strategies, and processes to implement them including the planning and monitoring process, the evaluation of activities and the development of new ways of working. The postholder is also responsible managing the Africa regional office relationship with IPPF member associations (MAs) and collaborative partners (CPs)in terms of Management, programs board and staff relations, communication, and advocacy. The postholder monitors new SRHR trends and supports the develop of evidence that will support IPPF ARO advocacy and positioning within the African and global SHR and human rights sphere. The postholder serves as the lead person in ARO for the implementation of the IPPF reform and related change in MAs and CPs.

Strategy development

1. To work closely with the RD on the development of strategies, operational policies and procedures to enhance IPPF’s effectiveness. 2 2. To ensure that The ARO office has adequate strategies, policies, procedures and systems in place to sustain compliance with the IPPF reform and its constitutional standards 3. To monitor implementation of the organisation’s strategies, compliance with policies, systems and procedures; rules and regulations to harness the synergy necessary for “delivering” at an optimal level of excellence. 4. To coordinate IPPFAR long-term strategic goals and oversee annual operational planning processes using an evidence-based approach. 5. To scan the operating environment regularly and systematically to address challenges, threats and opportunities; keep abreast of new developments in the said environment; share and disseminate information on such developments; to ensure that IPPFAR stays afloat in an ever-increasing competitive environment.

Organization Development

1. To support the RD in leading processes aimed at the establishment of an accountability framework for IPPFAR ensuring that the framework is aligned to and is coherent with Federation-wide standards of organizational performance and accountability. 2. To provide leadership and direction in organisational performance and accountability matters (membership, board and staff relations, MAs and CPs audit; accreditation; management; Youth action network, volunteering, advocacy and communications) and work closely with Technical Departments/Units responsible for these respective portfolios. 3. To provide leadership and direction in activities that enhances the organisation’s knowledge base; expertise and skills (research; organisational learning; knowledge management and other capacity building initiatives. 4. To lead the development of strategies, procedure and mechanisms for recruitment of quality membership in MAs and CPs (board and executive directors) in the Africa region, ensuring professional capabilities, inclusion and diversity are taken into consideration during renewal of membership organs. To support development of effective volunteer recruitment strategies ensuring professional capabilities and diversity during renewal of the governance organs. 5. Review existing tools for monitoring organisational performance and accountability in consultations with other ARO departments; lead process for their revision and/or the development of new ones; ensure a coherent approach and uniformity in the pursuit of “results-based performance” to enable IPPFAR to realise its strategic goals. 6. To promote an organisational work culture of performing for results in which reports are primarily perceived as tools for monitoring self-performance; and they are timely produced and submitted to relevant stakeholders. 7. To represent IPPFARO at technical meetings, seminars and/or conferences and remain abreast of new knowledge and best practices in Organisational Development; Performance and Accountability in other IPPF regions, academic institutions and/or international Development Communities of Practice. 8. To promote an organisational work culture of continuous learning, accountability, and excellence in organisational performance. 9. To lead implementation of change management to allow Africa region to move toward effective governance structures and systems for good governance standards, procedures, and practices in line with IPPF strategic directions. 3 10. To identify MAs and CPs capacity building gaps and requirements and develop appropriate strategies to address them. To promote culture of compliance IPPF and constitutional standards 11. To carry out any other duties as required by the supervisor. The director of organizational development position is responsible for managing and supporting the assessment of organizational needs and the design, implementation and evaluation of programs that facilitate the professional development and continuous learning of team members, particularly executives and emerging leaders

Expériences / Formation

Work Experience • A minimum of ten years management experience in a similar position in an NGO setting with five years at senior management level. • Five or more years of experience working in organizational development in a large organizational or international NGO and/or functional business unit. • Proven experience in the following disciplines: Strategy development; Organisational Development/organizational behavior; Governance and policy development

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For more details on the job description and on how to apply please visit IPPFAR Website

IPPF offers a wide range of benefits and is an equal opportunity employer.

Applications are particularly encouraged from women, people living with disabilities, people living with HIV and minorities.

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