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IPA recrute 01 Pediatrician or Early Child Development Consultant

IPA recrute 01 Pediatrician or Early Child Development Consultant

Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA

Yopougon/Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Terms of Reference
Pediatrician or Early Child Development ConsultantInnovations for Poverty Action
IPA is a research and policy Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that discovers and promotes effective solutions to global poverty problems. IPA designs, rigorously evaluates and refines these solutions and their applications together with researchers and local decision makers, ensuring evidence is used to improve the lives of the world’s poorest populations. Since it was founded in 2002, IPA has worked with over 600 leading academics to conduct over 800 evaluations in 51 countries.
BackgroundWhile the importance of early childhood development is well recognized globally, universal measures to quantify early childhood development (ECD) are lacking. Research in neuroscience, biology, genetics and social sciences over the past two decades hasunequivocally demonstrated that the first 1000 days (from conception to 24 months of age) and the period up to the end of the third year of life are critical for brain development. The Global Early Development Scale (GSED) is a newly developed scale for early childhood development for children aged 0-3 years. The GSED is the culmination of the work of three groups of researchers who brought together three existing independent initiatives to measure ECD in children under three years of age: (i) the Caregiver Reported Early Development Instruments (CREDI), (ii) the Global Child Development Group (GCDG), and (iii) the Infant and Young Child Development (IYCD). These organizations have joined forces to create a set of tools that can be used for monitoring child development at the population level and evaluating programs or interventions. The scale consists of three different tools: (1) a short Caretaker Report Form; (2) a psychosocial Caretaker Report Form; and (3) a long directly administered form. A validation study administered by the World Health Organization is currently being conducted in six countries (Bangladesh, Brazil, Côte d’Ivoire, the Netherlands, Pakistan and Tanzania) to establish the psychometric properties of the scale.
In the long term, the study will benefit children and families by providing simple and reliable tools for collecting epidemiological data on early development that could be used to monitor progress and changes in policy and program evaluation. The data will be useful to policymakers and governments to guide funding and intervention priorities. Global organizations will also be able to use the data for cross-country comparisons and trend analysis. It is hoped that the instruments will provide countries with an indication of how the youngest children in their countries are developing and will become an incentive to invest and promote healthy development. Please visit the following website for extended information on the Global Scale for Early Development:
Job descriptionThe Pediatrician or ECD expert consultant/Master Trainer consultant will work with the IPA and other ECD experts/Master Trainers on the GSED project to implement training on the GSED Tools and related measures to field agents hired to collect data on the GSED Validation Study in Côte d’Ivoire. The successful candidate is also expected to provide hourly consultancy to supervise the field data collection with child-caregivers pairs, currently planned from September to October 2021 and again from Mars to April 2022; it is also expected that the consultant will provide any other related task as required by theGSED research team in Côte d’Ivoire.
The ideal candidate will have to appropriate the different collection tools to conduct the training. Residing and/or working in Yopougon/Abidjan is preferred.
Responsibilities:• Participate in all the module of the GSED ToT. The GSED ToT is a total of 10 days of Training of Trainers (ToT), delivered in person in Abidjan, with the participation of the full GSED family. This is expected to occur in May 2021;• Organize (with the support of the IPA team), the same 10 days training with field staff hired through IPA. This will be a face-to-face training with virtual input (use of remote facilities such as Zoom and Skype) and support from the GSED master trainers based in Geneva. Those trained under this agreement with the consultant will also be assessed before being considered for the GSED project in Côte d’Ivoire.• Coordinate with IPA to prepare and organize the training (e.g., obtain items needed for direct administration; edit PowerPoint presentations; prepare printouts; test applications of the tools on tablets; ensure access to helper pairs for practicing the tools);• Participate and support the field assessors training;• Carry out hourly consultation (by week) to monitor field assessments/assessors during the data collection period;• Support the research team in partnering with health centers in Yopougon;• Intervene punctually throughout the project period to provide any other related technical support to the research team and the data collection teams.
Skills required: The ideal candidate will have a post-graduate degree in any of these fields (or related): psychology, social work, early childhood education, child development, maternal and child health, pediatric nursing or pediatric and neonatal medicine;• The candidate shall hold a doctorate in medical science, Pediatric subspecialty is preferred (not mandatory);• The candidate must be proficient in office tools (MS Office: Excel, Word and PowerPoint);• Candidates must have a minimum of 2 years’ experience working with young children (teaching, social programs, clinics, etc.) and conducting child development assessments (such as Bayley Infant Development Scales, Griffiths, Stanford-Binet, etc.);• The candidate must also have experience in adult education or training in some capacity;• The candidate must have an excellent level in both French and English (writing and speaking);• The candidate must have a perfect knowledge of the Ivorian social context, specifically the city of Abidjan;• Knowledge of research and administrative procedures in the health sector would be an asset, specifically in the city of Abidjan;• Experience in a similar project would be an asset;• The candidate must have good listening, analysis and synthesis skills and know how to work in a team;• Availability for the entire project duration would be a great asset.• Excellent planning abilities are required.
Period of consultancy:• The position would require approximately 6 months of work (part-time). Candidates must be available to fulfill the above responsibilities in May 2021, from September to October 2021, and again from Mars to April 2022.
: Please send the following to Mr. Joel Tano, Field Manager: and Sidi Mohamed Guigma, Office Manager: Keep Mr. Arsène Baowendmanegré M. Zongo, Research Associate: in CC:1. A resume with three references that we can contact (names, emails, phone numbers, professional relationship with the candidate)2. A proposal proforma indicating the expected salary for the two activities: (i) a daily consultancy for the trainings and (ii) an hourly consultancy for the supervision and monitoring.
Deadline: April 30, 2021

Please reach out to Henri Joel Tanoh at should you have any question. Female candidates are also strongly encouraged to apply.

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