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International Renaissance Foundation: Strengthening Justice System & Bringing European Standards – Ukraine

International Renaissance Foundation: Strengthening Justice System & Bringing European Standards – Ukraine

Deadline: 22-Nov-20

The Human Rights and Justice Program of the International Renaissance Foundation in the framework of the EU4USociety project in cooperation with the European Union announces a competition: “Strengthening the capacity of the justice system and bringing it closer to modern European standards and practices”.

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The purpose of this grant is to involve the general civil society, including professional legal communities, local communities in the assessment, search and implementation of changes in the justice system to strengthen its effectiveness, establish the rule of law, protect human rights, and expand access to justice.

This competition aims to support public initiatives that will promote the development and promotion of best practices in the justice system, based on the principles of efficiency, justice and respect for human rights. It is announced as part of the EU-funded EU4USociety project, the overall goal of which is to strengthen the involvement, sustainability, capacity, relevance and influence of Ukrainian civil society in addressing pressing domestic, regional and global challenges.

Funding Information

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The minimum grant amount is UAH 100,000.
The maximum grant amount is UAH 900,000.
The optimal size of the grant is UAH 500,000-600,000.
The total budget of the competition is UAH 3,300,000.
Competition priorities

Competitive projects may include informational, educational and public advocacy activities, preparation of analytical documents, organization of stakeholder dialogues, public discussions, etc. in the following areas:

Monitoring and evaluation of the practical activity of the institutions of the justice system in view of their functional purpose and the effectiveness of its achievement;
Introduction of human rights standards as a necessary fundamental value of fair justice;
Supporting professional communities in understanding and applying modern standards of activity, professional ethics and the rule of law;
Creating conditions and environment for finding and discussing new solutions for the justice system aimed at improving its efficiency;
Development of legal capacity of local communities, introduction of practices of alternative settlement of legal disputes.
Requirements for project proposals

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The objectives and expected results of the project must correspond to the priorities of the competition;
The content of the project proposal should contain a brief preliminary analysis of the problem, which indicates the applicant’s awareness of the project, the positions of authorities and interest groups, the current state of discussion in Ukraine and the EU;
The maximum project implementation period is 12 months. The planned start date of project implementation is January 2021.
Contest Participants

Public organizations, unions, associations, societies and other associations registered in accordance with Ukrainian legislation as non-profit or charitable organizations.

Substantial compliance of the project proposal with the priorities of the competition, awareness of the subject of the project proposal, convincing preliminary analysis of the problem;
Logical construction of the project (clear and realistic action plan; level of involvement of partners; realism of achieving the expected results with the help of the activities proposed in the project);
Performance (expected practical results at the exit, the impact of the project on target audiences; the availability of objective indicators, monitoring and evaluation of performance);
Organizational and financial capacity of the organization and partner organizations (availability of expertise, previous experience on the project; availability of staff and necessary material resources (premises, equipment, etc.) required for project implementation; experience of successful project implementation and reporting; availability of other stable sources of funding organizations);
Adequacy of the budget, its compliance with the content of the project and the conditions of the competition.
Additional Information

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Project proposals ( application form with appendices ) should be registered on the website of the fund, using the service ” Electronic Competition “. Project proposals submitted in another way will not be considered.
The organization submitting to the IRF must provide a link to the organization’s annual content and financial statements for the previous calendar year, which is freely available on the Internet.
Project budget expenditures that are:

Necessary for the implementation of project activities;
Will actually occur during the project implementation period;
Comply with the principles of expediency and appropriateness of costs, including the principles of “highest quality at
The lowest price” and cost-effectiveness;
Can be correctly documented, substantiated and understood, as well as supported by relevant documentation of
Financial and accounting statements.
Project budget costs related to:

Preparation of a project proposal for participation in the competition;
Creation and registration of the organization;
Payment of debts;
Reimbursement of expenses related to exchange rate fluctuations;
Providing direct fiscal support to public authorities;
Political activity or religious propaganda;
Activities that lead to direct or indirect discrimination against any social group;
Projects aimed at making a profit from activities;
Construction or repair work;
Purchase of vehicles and / or luxury items and related services;
Providing financial assistance to third organizations (regranting).
For more information, visit https://www.irf.ua/contest/posylennya-spromozhnosti-systemy-pravosuddya-ta-nablyzhennya-yiyi-do-suchasnyh-yevropejskyh-standartiv-ta-praktyk/

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