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Innovate with nbn™ Grants Program – Australia

Innovate with nbn™ Grants Program – Australia

Applications are now open for the Innovate with nbn™ Grants Program, a grants program that’s designed to support regional tech-businesses.

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Businesses throughout regional and remote Australia are facing wide-reaching challenges that have been rarely experienced before. Even with all this adversity, they still continue to maintain their competitiveness and relevance in the market through innovation and determination.

To support these companies and in partnership with the Regional Australia Institute (RAI), THEY have developed the Innovate with nbn Grants Program. Through this grant program, they aim to encourage you and your business’ technology-led ideas, supporting you as you take them to the next level by facilitating further growth and innovation.

The Innovate with nbn™ Grants Program aims to recognize and showcase individuals, businesses or organizations that are:

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Innovators, disrupters or entrepreneurs inspiring others in their community;
Champions of digital adoption;
Continuing to facilitate the digital capabilities and benefits of nbn;
Advocates of supporting regional businesses.
Funding Information

The program will award one grant of $10,000 to an organization or business project aligned with each of the below categories. Application is only open to one category. Additionally, one regional/remote business or individual will be recognized and awarded with the inaugural ‘Innovate with nbn™ award’ worth $25,000.
Grant Categories

They are aiming to recognize business-led initiatives in the following categories:

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Health: They are looking for individuals, businesses or organizations who are championing digital health in their community. This could include how they’re delivering healthcare digitally, or helping to improve people’s confidence in using innovative health solutions, like wearable, telehealth, electronic health records and e-prescriptions.
Arts: The digital transformation of your region’s arts and culture community is the key here. They are looking for businesses and artists that are driving content and engagement, evolving the way artists engage digitally with their audiences, not just locally, but globally.
Education: They are looking for digital savvy individuals, businesses or organizations who are pushing the envelope with the way people learn and teach online, and helping to redefine the opportunities for regional and remote education.
Agriculture: Are you an innovative producer, farmer or agribusiness owner looking to explore new tech opportunities? Are you looking for innovative ways of streamlining the way you do business – connecting the paddock to the plate and beyond? The Innovate with nbn™ Grants Program may be able to help
Tourism: They are looking for successful tourism specialists with hopes of further optimizing their business’s unique experience through digital channels. Ideally, you want to increase the exposure and reach of your local region to potential travellers by engaging would-be travellers with digital innovation.
Women in regional business: As women in business you connect with audiences inside and out of their regional communities, helping to expand market-reach and operations, with an end-goal of driving community-led change through digital innovation.
Indigenous Business: As an Indigenous business owner you aspire to bridge the digital divide and positively encourage digital independence, growth and strive for self-sufficiency.
Who can Apply?

They are looking for digital savvy individuals, businesses and organizations in regional and remote Australia such as Disruptors, innovators, entrepreneurs. People who live and breathe everything digital who are:

Harnessing the benefits of the nbn™ network to enable regional Australians to live, learn and work in a digital society;
Innovative digital businesses that are disrupting traditional markets in regional Australia;
Organizations who are lifting digital participation and stimulating regional economies;
Champions of digital adoption for regional Australia;
Regional businesses supporting Australians in similar areas.
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