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Infrastructure Canada’s applications to support community responses to COVID-19

Infrastructure Canada’s applications to support community responses to COVID-19

Deadline: 16-Oct-20

Infrastructure Canada is currently accepting applications from non-governmental not-for-profit organizations interested in supporting community responses to COVID-19 across Canada through the Canada Healthy Communities Initiative.

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The Canada Healthy Communities Initiative (CHCI) will provide up to $31 million in existing federal funding to support communities as they deploy new ways to adapt spaces and services to respond to immediate and ongoing needs arising from COVID-19 over the next two years.


The CHCI will support the following objectives:

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Make community spaces safer so people can gather at safe distances;
Increase resident use and appreciation of public spaces, local businesses, and community amenities;
Empower communities to innovate, and test new approaches;
Realize meaningful outcomes for residents of participating communities;
Help spread and replicate solutions that have been shown to work.

The initiative will support projects under three main themes:

Creating safe and vibrant public spaces: Projects that create or adapt existing public places such as parks, main streets, and indoor spaces that encourage safe cultural or physical activities, and local commerce.
Improving mobility options: Projects that permit physical distancing through permanent or temporary changes that make it easier for people to get around in their communities, whether walking, biking, accessing public and private transit, or other modes of transportation.
Digital solutions: Innovative digital projects that address changing community needs through the use of data and connected technologies.
Funding Information

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The funding envelope of $31.284 million ($19,193,000 in 2020-21 and $12,091,000 in 2021-22) will be provided to one single contribution funding recipient, or divided up between contribution funding recipients, as applicable.
Eligibility Criteria

Only federally or provincially incorporated non-governmental not-for-profit organizations registered in Canada and that are in good standing for a minimum of the last five years are eligible to apply to become contribution funding recipients.
For-profit entities, individuals, and federal/provincial/territorial/municipal governments or their agents are not eligible for contribution funding recipients.
Applicants may submit an application as a single organization or as a lead applicant to a multi-party (consortium) application.
To enable consistency of implementation across Canada, preference for selection will be given to one single organization or to a single organization that leads a multi-party (consortium) application, versus a selection of multiple organizations that will undertake activities separately.
For more information, visit https://www.infrastructure.gc.ca/chci-iccs/index-eng.html

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