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Implementation of Development Cooperation Projects 2021

Implementation of Development Cooperation Projects 2021

Deadline: 03-Nov-20

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania hereby calls to submit applications for the implementation of development cooperation projects under the Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion Programme in 2021.

Seed Grants
Funding Information

Total funding for projects in 2021 will amount to EUR 580,000.
Implementation Concepts

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls for submission of project applications for the implementation of the following concepts:

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The Republic of Armenia (projects will be administered by the Central Project Management Agency CPMA):
Support for the implementation of the Cooperation Agreement between Armenia and the European Union (CEPA) – Development of an EU-compliant safety and regulatory framework for land and air transport.
Development of a clean environment in Armenia through the development of a sustainable waste sorting system.
The Republic of Azerbaijan (administered by CPMA):
Promotion of socio-economic activity of women and youth in the regions of Azerbaijan.
The Republic of Belarus (administered by CPMA):
Capacity building in the field of historical and cultural heritage preservation.
Georgia (administered by CPMA):
Support for small and medium-sized enterprises to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Free Trade Agreement between EU and Georgia.
Introduction of good practices in the field of environment protection in Georgia.
The Republic of Moldova (administered by CPMA):
Developing a corruption-intolerant society in Moldova by strengthening independent media.
Ukraine (administered by CPMA):
Support to the education sector in the conflict-affected regions in Eastern Ukraine by developing digital educational platforms.
Mental health care and rehabilitation services enhancement in Eastern Ukraine.
Export promotion by establishing small and medium business clusters in the regions of Eastern Ukraine.
European Union’s Eastern Partnership Countries (administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs):
Dissemination of independent information and building resistance to disinformation in the European Union’s Eastern Partnership countries.
Migration origin and transit countries and regions (administered by CPMA):
Support for the introduction of innovative agricultural technologies in Mali.
Support for the economic empowerment of women in Palestine.
Public education and awareness about development cooperation (administered by CPMA):
Documentary film festival on the development cooperation theme.
Raising public awareness of development cooperation.
Public education on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the promotion of volunteering.
Eligibility Criteria

Lithuanian and foreign legal persons, organizations, their subdivisions, and individuals are invited to submit project applications. The duration of project implementation may be one or more years.
Applicant must have at least one partner in the country where the project will be implemented. A partner is not obligatory, when the project relates to the promotion of democracy or public information, or if an application for a project is submitted by an entity of the partner country or by an international organisation.
For more information, visit https://orangeprojects.lt/en/ministry-of-foreign-affairs

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