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Hivos Southern Africa: Call for Proposals for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (ASRHR) Programme

Hivos Southern Africa: Call for Proposals for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (ASRHR) Programme

Deadline: 13 July 2018

Hivos Southern Africa is seeking proposals for its Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (ASRHR) Programme.

Grants will be provided to organisations proposing innovative ways to address the key challenges that young people and adolescents face in accessing sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) services.

Grants will principally focus on providing support to regional ASRHR advocacy and capacity development efforts, although strategic linkages with broader initiatives in other regions will be encouraged.


The key objectives of the ASRHR programme are:

  • Capacity Strengthening – Youth-led and/or youth-focused organisations are trained, mentored and upskilled in all areas of organizational and programmatic capacity to enable them to gather evidence, and to promote and advocate for improved access for adolescents and youth to SRHR services
  • Knowledge Management – There is improved knowledge sharing, networking and data collection on SRHR in the region by youth-led and/or youth-focused organisations and individuals, as well as increased capacity for youth-driven research
  • Advocacy and Awareness Raising – Youth-led and/or youth-focused organisations have improved capacity to conceptualise, design and coordinate joint ASRHR advocacy and awareness-raising campaigns in the region
  • Coordination / convening – Youth-led and/or youth focused organisations have enhanced capacity to coordinate SRHR activities and convene spaces through integrated and inter-linked initiatives, including with similar organizations in East Africa

Funding Categories

  • Category 1 Grants: Youth led organisations (both established and emerging): This category supports activities at a national level to a maximum of $25, 000. Category 1 grants aim to ensure that youth-led organisations have enhanced capacity to conceptualise, design and coordinate Adolescent SRHR targeted activities in a more efficient and effective way. These activities will include advocacy, organisational capacity strengthening and knowledge management. A total of 8 grants will be awarded under category 1.
  • Category 2: Youth focused and serving organisations: This category supports activities at both national and regional level. Applicants may apply for a minimum of $25,000 and a maximum of $100, 000. Category 2 grants aim to support youth focused initiatives that significantly and meaningfully contribute to improving adolescent SRHR outcomes at national and regional level. The maximum number of grants to be awarded under this category is 10.
  • Category 3: Research organisations and Institutions: This category supports both national and regional research initiatives to a maximum of $20,000. Category 3 grants aim to support innovative adolescent focused SRHR research initiatives from both academic and non-academic institutions. Priority will be given to research that aims to identify the key challenges and solutions in relation to young people and adolescent’s ability to access and utilize SRHR services including a focus on the most marginalized groups and on addressing gender inequalities. A total of 2 grants will be awarded under this category.

Geographic Focus

Southern and East Africa including; Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Kenya. Regional Applications will also be considered.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Proposals should clearly demonstrate anticipated outcomes linked to the objectives of the proposal call.
  • Applicants should be based or able to work in one of the identified countries (Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe or Kenya).
  • The maximum length of a proposal is 10 pages (including budget, results-framework and work plan).
  • The proposal could build on existing activities or initiatives of applicants.
  • The proposed intervention should not be less than 6 months and should not exceed 12 months.
  • Funding is limited is therefore preference will be given to:
    • Proposals that are well thought out and demonstrate a clear connection to the objectives of the Regional SRHR Fund and the proposal call.
    • Proposals that demonstrate innovative approaches that seek to gather, and document best practices and lessons learned on undertaking advocacy and awareness-raising on ASRHR that are geared to young audiences and utilize relevant ICT technologies;
    • Proposals that have the potential to have the greatest impact in improving access to SRHR services for young people and adolescents in Southern and East Africa.
    • Proposals that include elements of sustainability

How to Apply

Please submit application with all supporting documents at the address given on the website.

For more information, please visit Call for Proposals.

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