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Heritage Funding Program 2020: City of Ottawa (Canada)

Heritage Funding Program 2020: City of Ottawa (Canada)


City of Ottawa is currently accepting applications for the Heritage Funding Program 2020.

1000 new grants and donors
Program Objectives

The Heritage Funding Program supports projects undertaken by individuals or organizations that promote or support:

local heritage through education, awareness and appreciation
research or documentation of local history
preservation of local heritage assets
the reclamation, retention, transmittal, development and revitalization of Algonquin Anishinabe Host Nation, First Nations, Inuit and Métis heritage and culture
Funding Priorities

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In addition to the evaluated merit of submitted proposals, the Cultural Funding Support Unit (CFSU) will look at prioritizing applications from the following Indigenous and equity seeking communities:

Algonquin Anishinabe Host Nation
First Nations
People Living in Poverty
People of Colour
People with Visible and Invisible Disabilities
Deaf People
Rural Residents
Seniors/Older adults
Eligibility Criteria

Individuals must:
be 18 years or older
be resident of the city of Ottawa, Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation or Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation
or be Algonquin Anishinabe and living within 150 km radius of Ottawa
be a professional heritage expert, community elder or culture keeper recognized by peers
demonstrate knowledge of local history or cultural traditions and practices
Organizations must:
have their office/mailing address within the limits of Ottawa, Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation or Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation
serve the local community
be not-for-profit
be led by, or work in partnership with, a heritage professional(s), heritage worker(s), a community elder or culture keeper
have an active Board of Directors or Steering Committee (minimum of 3 members)
have at least 50% of Board of Directors/Steering committee members residing in the Ottawa region
And, one of the following:
be a heritage non-profit organization with a local heritage mandate
be a First Nation, Inuit or Métis non-profit organization proposing a local heritage project on their respective cultures
be a non-profit organization or collective that is proposing a local project with a heritage goal to be produced in partnership with a non-profit professional heritage organization, heritage professional, community elder, or culture keeper
Activities must:
demonstrate a strong local heritage focus
be conducted in Ottawa, Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation or Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation
be accessible and of interest to the public
significantly involve participation of the local cultural community or community of interest
be singular in scope and be completed within a limited time frame, normally one year
Ineligibility Criteria

Deadline Free Grants
For-profit organizations / ventures
Crown corporations and government agencies
Political parties
Organizations that receive operating funding from the City of Ottawa Service Agreement Program
Organizations whose activities come under the jurisdiction of other levels or departments of government (school boards, hospitals, universities, libraries, social services, military programs, business improvement associations, etc.)
What is NOT Eligible

Fundraising projects and initiatives that benefit a third party
Self-promotion / marketing activities
Commercial ventures
Projects involving the manufacture and distribution of product in multiple copies
Projects that have already been completed on or before the application deadline date
Projects that are part of an academic course of study
Projects funded as part of an operating grant from any other City program
Activities that are solely intended for the membership of an organization
Projects where participation is conditional upon partaking in the religious activities of the organization
Capital purposes (i.e. purchase of land, equipment, fixtures or physical facilities, architectural restoration, etc.)
Assessment Criteria

Peer assessors will use the following assessment criteria to evaluate your request for funding. Applicants are assessed based upon their respective mandates, type of funding requested, size and scope, and according to the criteria outlined below:

We cover grants
Heritage Merit
Solid project proposal with achievable goals and objectives
Direction of activities by, or guidance available from, accredited heritage professionals, community elders or culture keepers
Valid and authentic local heritage subject matter
Meets established professional heritage standards or touches upon authentic traditional knowledge
Community Impact
Measurable, clear benefits to the community
Support of the Ottawa-based heritage community or community of interest
Contribution to a lasting legacy
Strength of partnerships (if applicable)
Commitment to engage with local equity seeking communities
Skills and means to plan and complete a successful project
Effective planning, follow-up, and evaluation
History of partnering with other organizations and sectors
Relevant experience and track record of accomplishments
Fiscal responsibility and realistic budgeting
Initiative in generating alternate sources of revenue
Demonstrated need for City funding
For more information, visit https://ottawa.ca/en/arts-heritage-and-events/cultural-funding/heritage-funding-program

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