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HBCE announces Grant Program on Sustainable Development in Culture & Education (Ukraine)

HBCE announces Grant Program on Sustainable Development in Culture & Education (Ukraine)

Deadline: 31-Oct-20

The Harald Binder Cultural Enterprises (HBCE) welcomes applicants for its Grant Program on sustainable development in culture and education in Ukraine. The HBCE grant program based on the principle that culture and education is fundamental assets of a strong society and essential for change, as well as for the growth of Ukraine’s competitiveness.

Seed Grants
The grant program support bottom-up initiatives with innovative approaches, cross-sector or international cooperation in art, culture, and education.

Culture and Art

The expected projects in the field of culture and art may include cross-sectoral and sectoral events and initiatives and are aimed at research and development of various cultural sectors:
urban planning;
cultural heritage;
visual and multimedia arts;
performing arts, etc.
Educational Projects

The expected educational projects may fall within different fields of culture and art and be aimed at the development of a professional environment or a wide audience.
Projects may be carried out in the form of workshops, laboratories, courses, lectures, educational events/programs within festivals, etc.
Funding Information

Grants will be awarded once a year for project proposals from non-governmental organizations inside Ukraine.
Funding ranges from 500 EUR to 5,000 EUR and covers 70% of the total project budget.
Eligibility Criteria

Project applications have to be submitted by public organizations, charitable- Project applications have to be submitted by public organizations, charitable foundations, and other non-governmental organizations that have a non-profit status. Only one project from the organization is accepted for consideration.
Grant Program does not accept reapplications for the projects that won the competition in the past.
Supported projects must be implemented during the specified period in the competition.
Applications should be submitted in English. All applicants must add the budget form according to the sample which is given.
Priority will be given to applications that:
Suggest innovative, inclusive, interactive, and participatory practices;
Foster creative and critical thinking;
Build on multidisciplinary cooperation;
Develop international partnerships.
Criteria for selection of projects in the field of culture and art:
Implementation in Ukraine;
Propose relevant themes / innovative methodologies;
Focus on community development and action;
Bottom-up approach.
Criteria for selection of educational projects:
Focus on culture and art;
Implementation of innovative practices and methodologies;
Free access to participation in the project for the audience;
Development of democratic foundations of society;
Bottom-up approach.
If selected, HBCE grantees must agree to:
Publicize project activities in media and social media;
Mention HBCE as co-financing organization of the project;
Use the HBCE logo where appropriate (printed items, website, posters, etc.);
Use Ukrainian in promotional and informational texts of the project;
Implement the project within the timeframe of the grant, and send the report by the specified deadline;
Provide free entry for the visitors to premieres/art event openings (theatrical performances, exhibitions, film screenings, etc.) realized within the frames of the Program or reinvest the ticket sales proceeds into the project;
Provide free access to participation in educational projects implemented within the framework of the Program;
Ensure compliance with copyright and related rights while implementing the project;
Allow HBCE to publish photos and short descriptions of the project on its website.
Selection Procedure

Consideration of proposals takes place in 2 stages. The first stage – the technical selection of applications, verification of compliance with the conditions and criteria of the Grant Program.
In the second stage, all applications that have passed the technical selection will be evaluated, and winning projects selected by an expert jury. The jury composition will be announced after the application deadline. The decision of the jury is final and cannot be appealed.
The applicants will be personally notified about the selection results by email, and the list of winning projects will be published on the Program website in due time. Only organizations that passed the technical phase of the application process will receive an email about the selection results.
The results of technical selection and the list of winning projects will be sent out to the winning organizations and published on their website.
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