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Grants to Provide Access to Justice Support Services and Specialized Awareness Campaigns (Solomon Islands)

Grants to Provide Access to Justice Support Services and Specialized Awareness Campaigns (Solomon Islands)

Deadline: 13-Aug-21

UNDP is calling for proposals to Provide Access to Justice Support Services and Specialized Awareness Campaigns.

The main objective of the grant selection process is to identify NGO/CSOs with operational presence and capacities to engage PSO paralegals and community legal advocates and carry out the activities throughout Solomon Islands.
NGO/CSOs are requested to submit one proposal per location CSOs wishing to be considered as a potential grant implementer for more than one location are requested to submit separate proposals for each location. Each proposal should focus on one location only, to include coverage of the surrounding division to the extent possible and demonstrate the specific added value the NGO/CSO can deliver in that location.
Provide legal and human rights information, referral support and accompaniment services, in particular to vulnerable persons, women, youth and people with disabilities, prior, during and after legal processes to relevant legal services and health and counselling services, in cooperation and consultation with the PSO; and/or
Provide counselling and services to the staff of the PSO and produce knowledge products and tools on vicarious trauma, burnout, post traumatic care disorder, and self-care techniques; and/or
Work with government partners to inform policy and advocate for improvements in the provision of justice sector services for people with disabilities; and/or
Provide direct support services throughout actual legal proceedings, including, for example, interpretation services and physical assistance to supplement existing support services; and/or
Develop a multi-media information and advocacy campaign on legal rights, human rights and social support services for persons with disabilities, including adaptation of existing materials and development of new materials; and/or
In conjunction with PSO paralegals or community legal advocates, conduct knowledge and awareness raising sessions on specified legal issues such as environmental law, land and property law, family law etc. or produce knowledge and awareness raising multimedia, for community members and community-based groups on legal rights, legal services, human rights, and constitutional/legal issues.
Funding Information

The budget should be detailed, complete, rational and realistic, and must not exceed the equivalent of USD 15,000.
The project duration will not go beyond 3 months.
Eligibility Criteria

The NGOs must meet the following criteria to be eligible for selection.

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Be legally registered as NGO/CSO and in possession of a valid registration certificate.
Possess a mandate and founding document in line with the activities for which the funds are being sought.
Have an established office and experience in implementing similar/related activities.
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