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Grants to Mitigate Methane from Waste Sector in Benin

Grants to Mitigate Methane from Waste Sector in Benin

Deadline: 19-Oct-22

The Climate & Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) is accepting proposals for Developing national organic waste management and mitigation assessment.

Funding Information

Estimated project cost: USD 50,000

Expected Outcomes
  • Benin’s government has increased capacity to account for methane from the waste sector
  • Benin endorses the recommended measures to mitigate methane from the waste sector, particularly from organic waste
  • A review of the current policies, laws and programs related to organic waste management at the different levels, city, state, and country.
  • An assessment of the organic waste management sector of Benin, including understanding methane and SLCP emissions, which would include
    • Data collection of current practices on organic waste, including existing organic waste treatment facilities
    • Calculation of baseline of emissions
    • Identification of methane mitigation measures for the organic waste sector based on the assessment
  • An organic waste management roadmap, which includes:
    • Quantification of the potential SLCP emissions reductions by implementing the organic waste methane mitigation measures
    • Evaluation of the costs to implement the roadmap, including recommendations of economic instruments and funding opportunities to implement the roadmap
  • Guidance document on how to communicate the organic waste management roadmap with the public and relevant stakeholders
Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for consideration, project proposals must meet the following requirements:

  • Are complete and submitted before the deadline
  • Are submitted by a non-governmental organization (NGO), intergovernmental organization (IGO), or other not-for-profit entity
  • Requested funding falls within the indicated cost range and the project duration is less than 24 months
  • Budget criteria are met and spending caps on expenses are respected

For more information, visit https://www.ccacoalition.org/en/content/benin-developing-national-organic-waste-management-and-mitigation-assessment-bj-22-001

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