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Grants for Enhancing Self-Reliance and Inclusion Prospect – Jordan

Grants for Enhancing Self-Reliance and Inclusion Prospect – Jordan

Deadline: 11-Aug-21

UNDP is calling for proposals for Vocational education training and apprenticeship/on the job training to enable viable and sustainable livelihood pathways for Iraqi refugees and vulnerable Jordanians under Project name: “Enhancing Self-Reliance and Inclusion Prospect.

The overall goal of this project is to support the stabilization and resilience-building of Jordanian and displacement affected Iraqi communities through a comprehensive approach that tackles identified root causes of poverty, employment and socio-economic exclusion.

The project is embraces two inter-linked components as follows:

Community organizing, advocacy and psychosocial support coupled with urban renovation activities to advocate for the needs of the community, trigger social cohesion and enhance the local economy.
Support to viable and sustainable livelihood pathways for Iraqi refugees and migrants as well as vulnerable local communities through two approaches:
vocational education training and apprenticeship/on the job training
entrepreneurship and start-up support.

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UNDP Jordan developed this TORs to identify a Responsible Partner to support the implementation of the second component of the project “Enhancing Self-Reliance and Inclusion Prospect for Displaced-Affected Communities (Vulnerable Iraqi and Host Communities)”. The partner will support UNDP’s project manager and team to implement the vocational education training and apprenticeship/on the job training component to enable viable and sustainable livelihood pathways (approach a). The activities will be tailored based on the results of the Labor and Self Employment market assessment.
The selected responsible partner will be responsible for undertaking the following activities, in cooperation with Iraqi Business Council and/or most suitable private sector entities:
Organize, supervise and manage the process of selection of 200 direct beneficiaries living or available to work in the project’s selected areas, (50% Iraqi and 50% Jordanians, with at least 50% women participation and 5% persons with disabilities) which will be involved in the activities for around 5 months. The selection will be done through a participatory approach with stakeholders, and local CBOs and according to clear and defined criteria, in cooperation with UNDP.
Provide 78 working days of accredited/certified vocational and/or artisanship training for the 200 selected beneficiaries. The training should include artisanship, employment and self-employment vocations that are in demand and commensurate with market needs and are in line with the result through partnerships with different specialized vocational training institutions that provide accredited certificates for both Iraqi and Jordanian beneficiaries. The training period will include 12-day soft skills training as well as at least 20 hours English for business language classes.
Provide 66 working days of apprenticeship/internship/on-the job-training for the 200 beneficiaries with the private sector and civil society organizations. Placements should be informed by consultations with the private sector, SMEs, civil society organizations and based on the results of the labor market assessment and should, include career guidance and coaching services. At the end of the on the job training, for eligible participants and beneficiaries, organize briefing and testing requirements at the Vocational Training Corporation for occupation permits issuance.
When relevant, provide an insurance policy against work injuries and health and safety equipment per participant.
Funding Information

Proposals amounts should be up to a maximum of 262,800 USD.
The amount requested in the proposal should be commensurate with the organization’s administrative and financial management capabilities. In principle, the contract duration will not exceed the end of the project duration in March 2022. The administrative cost should not exceed 5%.
Final Beneficiaries

Eligible proposals will be those focused on ensuring that both communities, Iraqi and Jordanians, are equally targeted as direct and final beneficiaries. The involvement of youth and of at least 50% women is required.
The target group of beneficiaries should include a 5% of people with disabilities.
Clear mention to methodology for including both communities as well a clear description of the risks and mitigating measures is compulsory.
Qualifications for Responsible Partners

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Applying to this tender is open for vocational training/business development institutions, as well as INGO/NGO/CSOs with relevant experience and mission.
Proven track record of Expertise and experience in youth employment activities, with special focus on vocational training and employment
Successful track record of expertise and experience in previous relevant interventions/projects with Iraqi refugees and migrants. (at least 3 years)
Successful track history with relevant past/ongoing projects on project designated areas with relevant communities. (at least 3 years)
Past record and evidence of excellent performance and success stories in implementing vocational training and self-employment activity
Proven experience in providing job opportunities for trainees in decent work environment over the last two to three years.
Experience in inclusive livelihoods development and self-reliance through vocational training targeting refugees in urban host communities
For more information, visit UNDP.

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