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Golden Plains Shire Council announces Creative Community Program – Australia

Golden Plains Shire Council announces Creative Community Program – Australia

Deadline: 30-Sep-21

The Golden Plains Shire Council has announced the applications for Creative Community Program to assist incorporated group and organisations to undertake arts and culture projects within Golden Plains Shire that directly benefit the Golden Plains Shire Community.

Priority Areas

The priority areas are:

Connecting and engaging through participation in creative experiences.
Initiatives that demonstrate direct benefit to the local artistic community.
Arts and Culture as a tool to revitalize local spaces.
Funding Information

Creative Community Grants applications for up to $10,000 will be considered.
What will they fund?

Council will consider applications from incorporated community groups and organisation’s for projects including but not limited to:

Arts activities as part of community festivals or events.
Artist-in-residence programs.
Public art and design projects.
Community seminars and forums.
Activities or projects which support the development of lost trades.
Other local arts initiatives.
Eligibility Criteria

Community groups and organisation’s must be incorporated and not for profit.
Groups may submit multiple applications per financial year but may only submit one application per project.
Government organisation’s and agencies are not eligible to apply. However, kindergartens, Committees of Management, or other community committees are eligible.
Primary and Secondary schools are eligible to apply for arts and culture projects which are completed fully within Golden Plains Shire if the project is not solely curriculum based and can strongly demonstrate a partnership with another community organisation.
Applicants must match the requested funding through either cash or in-kind (volunteer labor) contributions.
The number of times an applicant has previously received funding through the Creative Community Grant stream will be considered during the assessment process. Council may choose not to fund a project by applicants who have previously received funding should the program be oversubscribed.
For community facilities, applicants must either be the owner of the building/facility or have the written consent form the owner. Consent evidence must be attached to the application online.
If the community facility is Council-owned building, the applicant must discuss the project with a Golden Plains Shire Council officer prior to submitting the application.
For more information, visit https://www.goldenplains.vic.gov.au/residents/my-community/grants/community-strengthening-grants-program

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